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William Adam Welsh:
Born: 29 Sep 1830 in Washington Co, PA
Died: 27 Mar 1892 in Warrenton, Jefferson Co, OH
Buried: 29 Mar 1892 in Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Jefferson Co, OH

William Welsh was drafted as a Private into Company I, 66th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers, commanded by Capt. Baldwin at Alliance, Ohio on September 23, 1864 and mustered out on June 5, 1865 at Bladensburg, Maryland. He was described as five feet, four and a half inches tall, fair complexion, with sandy hair, and brown eyes. Served at Bentonville, North Carolina in March of 1865. [From Application for Widow's Pension (WC369561)of Sarah Ann Welsh under the Act of June 27, 1890 (Granted), and an application for Soldier's Disability Pension (No 582238) which was pending at the time of his death].

Robert Richardson's book, A Time and Place In Ohio, pg 66: William A. Welsh owned a general store in Warrenton in 1871 selling dry goods, groceries, and clothing, and in a separate building he had a shoe shop.

From the Steubenville Weekly Gazette, 1 Apr 1892, p. 12: Warrenton: The funeral of Wm Welch was largely attended on Tuesday; his son George and Mr. Pierce of Little Washington were present. Rev. Hoover conducted the service at the house and the Odd Fellows then took charge.
Cause of Death: Tumor; Death Record # 2-210-274, Jefferson Co., OH

William Clow
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William Lot Clow:
Born: 16 Jun 1819 at Buffalo Creek, Brooke Co, VA [now WV]
Died: 10 Mar 1899 in Warrenton, Jefferson Co, OH
Buried: 12 Mar 1899 in Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Jefferson Co, OH

6/3/1841 - Married Nancy Ann Williams; source , marriage records for Jefferson Co, OH. Andrew Scott, Minister.

Applied for a Riverboat Pilot's License (3/22/1863) and his loyalty was attested to by M. W. Hughes of Louisville, KY and Henry Conant of Wheeling, (W.) VA. Application for Riverboat Pilot License on file in the National Archives, Washington, DC: March 22, 1863 "M. W. Hughes, a resident of Louisville Ky and Henry Conant of Wheeling Virginia, and both are true and loyal men to United States government. They both say they are well acquainted with the applicant William Clow for License as Pilot and know him to be a truly loyal citizen of United States and we have known for ten years Mr. Clow and looked upon him a true and loyal man to the Constitution and government of the United States. Sworn and subscribed before me this 23 day March 1863 M W Hughes (signature) H Conant (signature)"   Pilot's License was renewed at Louisville, KY between Oct 1866 and Oct 1867.

Obituary: William Clow, Sr. of Warrenton, this county, departed this life on the 10th day of March 1899, and was interred in the cemetery at that place on the following Sabbath. The immediate cause of his death was pneumonia, but he had been afflicted for some months with a partial paralysis of the stomach and bowels. Mr. Clow was born on Buffalo Creek, Brooke county, W. Va. on the 10th day of June, 1819, and was well past the allotted life of man. His boyhood days were spent on a farm. At the age of eighteen he began flatboating on the Ohio river in the capacity of pilot. He followed this until the flatboat gave way to the steamer, and engaged in piloting the latter until 1878 when he retired from river service. During the Civil War he was engaged as pilot in the Government Marine Service on the Mississippi and its tributaries and was at the wheel of one of the boats that made the memorable run of the blockade at Vicksburg in 1863. He was captain and pilot of the Ben Franklin at the time Gen Grant used that boat for his headquarters, and was a close personal acquaintance of the General. Later and until the close of the war he was Master of the dispatch boat Sallie List. The latter years of his life were spent at Warrenton. Mr. Clow was a man of solid character and enjoyed the respect and esteem of the entire community. He had a keen perception of the duty of the citizen toward the community and State, being a firm advocate of good Government, and holding his vote sacred to that end. He was an exhaustive reader and until his last illness, kept himself in close touch with the doings of the day. Mr. Clow is survived by his wife and four children. He was twice married. His first wife was Nancy A Williams of Brooke county, W. Va; the only surviving child of which union is Capt J A Clow, of Shousetown, Pa. His second wife was Sarah Jane Conant, of Wheeling, W Va. The children of the latter marriage are William and George Clow, of Warrenton, and David H. Clow, of Pittsburg, Pa. The funeral services of Wm Clow were conducted by Rev Harris in the ME church on Sunday. Dave Clow and Mrs Bert Clow of Pittsburg, the Misses Bedillion, of Wheeling, and Mrs Lucas and sons, near Wellsburg, all near relatives were in attendance.

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William Lot Clow

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