1. The submitter bears full responsibility to obtain permission from living persons when making submissions that include details of the life of "the living."  The webmaster will assume that the necessary permission has been obtained.  This includes photos.
  2. Any living individual has the express right to request immediate removal of their name or identifying information.
  3. The webmaster will review submissions and use discretion which errs on the side of "the living."   Submissions that raise questions about privacy rights will not be used.  
  4. Newspaper articles will be treated as part of a "public record" context in which the "right to privacy" of individuals has already been diminished, and therefore, can be posted without as much concern as other documents.  However, the webmaster reserves the right to not use newspaper articles which are deemed inappropriate, inflammatory, or which may hurt a person's reputation or livelihood. 
  5. The webmaster has obtained the right to publish county newspapers up to the present.


Submitter name and email will appear at the top of each web page for those  submissions to assist other researchers who may need to contact you.   If you want a different name than as it appears on your email program, tell me.  *I used to send separate emails to ask permission to use email address, but now I will assume I have permission when I receive your submission.*


U.S. and International Copyright laws apply to copies from publications, books, CDs, pamphlets, newsletters, etc. currently under copyright.  Works published before 1923 are considered Public Domain, unless the work has been reprinted.   Search the U.S. Copyright Office online if unsure about a specific work and copyright.

Do not submit copies of any work compiled and sold as a "yearly subscription" and published by county genealogical societies or historical societies.  These organizations survive from their membership fees (which include the subscription). Since we are part of such organization, we understand how that works.


Public Domain publications are acceptable.  Please use a general font, such as Times New Roman or Arial.  Please type AS IS, including all typos or "misspelled names."   In genealogy, the "real last name" may have changed dozens of times over a century or longer.  Place a "NOTE" at the bottom of your transcription to list items you know or believe to be in error, along with the "correction."  Do NOT "correct" the original !    Doing so changes the original and makes it invalid for use in genealogy.

If part of a record is illegible, use a series of dashes to replace the letters you cannot read.  In BRACKETS, you may put the words you know, think, or believe are in the illegible section.  If you are GUESSING, please state the bracketed words are your BEST GUESS.  Example:  [BEST GUESS:  my daughter, Merilea].  Using "NOTE: and [bracketed corrections] will keep it clear what is part of the original record, and what is unclear from the original.

Keep "Notes" and [Bracketed information] as short as possible. 


It is assumed by this webmaster that the submitter is the owner (and thus has common law copyright) of any Location Photo submitted for this website.


Photos are welcomed.  Please keep scans below 1MB - Webmaster reserves the right to reduce, resize, or crop any photo for appropriate web page design.  The webmaster will include submitter's description of the photo.  Include FULL NAMES if known, LOCATION, city, state, and any important details.  Webmaster may shorten the description as necessary.


The webmaster is looking for personal stories of remembrance, including about "old hang-outs" or the locations and appearance (interior and exterior) of Jefferson County Ohio buildings, public locations, and areas of interest.  These should be written as a "walking tour," taking the reader into the place, describing key elements so the reader has a sense of what a location looked like, what the place was used for, and the general atmosphere of the place.  For example, a writing about a 1990 steel and concrete building would "feel" quite different than a writing about 1940s G. C. Murphy department store.

Recollection stories must include the poster's name and email on the webpage.

Stories can be a simple one paragraph.... or a few pages... about one location.

Submitters should get permission before including anyone else's names in their remembrance / recollection stories.

Read and thoughtfully consider the points made in:

"Oxymoron: Privacy and the Internet" - by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG at:

Attentively apply the recommendations found in:

"Genealogical Standards & Guidelines - Guidelines For Publishing Web Pages On The Internet - Recommended by the National Genealogical Society"


Then, choose to be a responsible and mature genealogist by adhering to the:

"Genealogical Standards & Guidelines - Standards For Sharing Information With Others - Recommended by the National Genealogical Society"


Cemetery Directions Disclaimer

The cemetery directions are intended only to provide a general location and driving directions to the cemeteries in Jefferson County. By publishing these directions, The Jefferson County Chapter, OGS does not assure, assume, certify, guarantee, promise, warranty, or make any other representation whatsoever concerning the personal safety of individuals who may enter on to the grounds of a particular cemetery listed in this file. Neither does this file grant its readers any license, permit. privilege or right to enter onto the grounds of any cemetery which is essentially private property in nature. Rather, it is the sole responsibility of the readers of these directions to determine if a particular cemetery is safe to enter; to exercise reasonable care in regard to personal safety at all times while visiting any cemetery or other unfamiliar property; and to obtain permission of the owner before entering onto the grounds of cemeteries which are essentially private in nature.

As to ownership of a particular cemetery: The Jefferson County Chapter, OGS may, upon request, be able to provide information regarding the same to further assist the readers of this cemetery direction guide.

While attempting to provide the best directions and locations possible, the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS does not guarantee all to be 100% accurate. The information including GPS bearings was compiled using various sources including some actual field trips, U.S.G.S. topo maps, aerial and satellite photos and Jefferson County road maps. Any readers who can provide additional information, can do so by emailing contact the chapter directly.

Individuals wishing to locate a cemetery using these directions should have an up to date road map of Jefferson County (available at the County Engineers Office, Jefferson County Courthouse). Also, a compass would be useful as well as a GPS receiver. Always dress appropriately and never go to a remote location alone. Be especially careful during hunting season and wear bright colored clothing. It is recommended not to enter remote or rural cemeteries during hunting season. Never go to a remote or rural cemetery late in the afternoon or early evening. Always allow yourself plenty of daylight to travel in, get good photos, look around, and time to get safely out and back to your car.