Cross Creek Township History County Infirmary
A Visit to the Loyd Family Cemetery in Cross Creek Township,Jefferson County, Ohio - David L Quinn New Concord, Ohio - 6 Feb 2010 A History of the Loyd Family Cemetery - Research by-Alan B. Gould

Churches & Cemeteries

Cross Creek Presbyterian Church St. James Parish
Wintersville Methodist Episcopal Church Morelli Private Cemetery
Lloyd/Gould Cemetery Hook Family Cemetery
Ekey Cemetery Genealogical Notes of Families of Cross Creek Presbyterian Church
County Infirmary Fort Steuben Burial Estates
Bnai Israel Cemetery Holy Resurrection Serbian Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Cemetery
St. James Cemetery Hart Private Cemetery
Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery Long M.E. Cemetery

Cross Creek Presbyterian Church Baptisms
Extracted from original church records by Flora L. VerStraten

New Alexandria/Wesley Chapel/Methodist Society Cemetery
Cemeteries of Jefferson Co, as read by Mary Sinclair (1862-1940) Cross Creek Presbyterian Church History, Membership Records and Proceedings

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions

Ekey Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions of Family Members  
Hook Cemetery Index Hook Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Jefferson County Infirmary Cemetery Index Jefferson County Infirmary Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
M.E. Church Cemetery (Ekey) Index - By Doyle and Ruby Ekey M.E. Church Cemetery (Ekey) Tombstone Inscriptions - By Doyle and Ruby Ekey
M.E. Church Cemetery (Ekey) Index
By Tammy and Terry Hosenfeld & Flora L. VerStraten
M.E. Church Cemetery (Ekey) Tombstone Inscriptions
By Tammy and Terry Hosenfeld & Flora L. VerStraten
Wintersville ME Cemetery Records Index Wintersville ME Cemetery Records Tombstone Inscriptions
Taken from the church records
The Wintersville ME Cemetery Records was obtained from the records housed at the Wintersville United Methodist Church, Main St., Wintersville, Ohio. The chapter was given a copy of these records and this list was typed and compiled by Flora L. VerStraten. No attempts were made to made any corrections of spellings to names/surnames or dates. The chapter believes that this list was compiled many years ago from a church member who read the tombstone inscriptions. The chapter notes that just the year of birth and death was recorded on this record, even though more information is available on the tombstones. This does not appear to be a complete listing, however.
Lloyd/Gould/Cool Springs Cemetery Index Lloyd/Gould/Cool Springs Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
The Lloyd/Gould/Cool Springs cemetery was read by Alan Gould. He also typed the spreadsheet and wrote the history and researched the deeds to this cemetery. Everything that is in RED is not actual inscriptions, but additional sources of information that Alan has collected from his research or from other sources, listed in the misc. column.

Cemetery Tombstone Photos


Google Earth Cemetery Images

Bnai Israel Cemetery County Infirmary Cemetery Cross Creek Presbyterian Cemetery
Ekey Cemetery Hart Private Cemetery Holy Resurrection Serbian Eastern Greek Orthodox Cemetery
Hook Family Cemetery Lloyd/Gould Cemetery Long M.E. Cemetery
Morelli Private Cemetery New Alexandria Cemetery St. James Cemetery


Jefferson County Board of Education 2023 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952. The county office has access to all students school records back to 1912 for Buckeye, Edison, and Indian Creek.
Jefferson County School Deeds Cross Creek Township School History
Wintersville School History  

Township Maps

S01T06R02-Tax Map - 413
S01T06R02-Tax Map - 414

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S02T06R02-Tax Map - 407

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S03T06R02-Tax Map - 400

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S04T06R02-Tax Map - 393
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S07T06R02-Tax Map - 600

S08T06R02-Tax Map - 405

S09T06R02-Tax Map - 398

S10T06R02-Tax Map - 391

S11T06R02-Tax Map - 382

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S14T06R02-Tax Map - 404

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S16T06R02-Tax Map - 390

S17T06R02-Tax Map - 378A

S17T06R02-Tax Map - 378B

S17T06R02-Tax Map - 379A
S17T06R02-Tax Map - 379B
S17T06R02-Tax Map - 380
S17T06R02-Tax Map - 381
S18T06R02-Tax Map - 583

S19T06R02-Tax Map - 410

S20T06R02-Tax Map - 403

S21T06R02-Tax Map - 396

S22T06R02-Tax Map - 389

S23T06R02-Tax Map - 377A

S23T06R02-Tax Map - 377
S24T06R02-Tax Map - 584

S24T06R02-Tax Map - 585

S25T06R02-Tax Map - 409
S26T06R02-Tax Map - 402

S27T06R02-Tax Map - 395

S28T06R02-Tax Map - 388

S29T06R02-Tax Map - 372

S29T06R02-Tax Map - 374

S29T06R02-Tax Map - 375

S29T06R02-Tax Map - 376

S30T06R02-Tax Map - 368

S30T06R02-Tax Map - 369

S30T06R02-Tax Map - 370
S30T06R02-Tax Map - 371
S31T06R02-Tax Map - 408

S32T06R02-Tax Map - 401

S33T06R02-Tax Map - 394

S34T06R02-Tax Map - 387
S35T06R02-Tax Map - 373
S36T06R02-Tax Map - 367

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