Gail was born and raised in Toronto, Ohio.  She later married and moved to Fairfax County, Virginia for 33 years before moving back to Ohio.  Gail is involved with the cemetery project and heading the Island Creek group, just living 3 miles west of Toronto near the Island Creek Cemetery. She has several ancestors from Jefferson County that resided in Jefferson County. 

Jonathan Arnold and wife, Elizabeth Hume lived in Smithfield Twp.  Henry Brindley had a daughter, Elizabeth who was born in 1797 in Virginia.  She married Jacob Calder on 2 May 1822 and they lived near the Brindley family and Jacob’s father, James Calder in Warren Twp.  There is a lot of interesting history concerning the purchase of properties by Henry, which was deeded in 1811. Henry is found again in the deed records on 12 Aug 1840 selling land to his son, Isaac.  He also sold land to another son, Henry a few years later. 

Gail published a book on the Cusick Family and you can contact her concerning this family history from the query page. Her ancestors, John Cusick and wife, Eleanor came to Jefferson County about 1815. They left Maryland in 1815 and may have settled in Jefferson County until 1820 when they appear in Harrison County records.  Three of their sons married woman from Warren Twp.  These ladies names are: Elizabeth Jane d/o Jacob Calder, Elizabeth Brindley, Catherine Creamer d/o Jacob Creamer and Jane Esther Beckett d/o Erasmus Becket.

Gail is currently working to prove her descendancy from Elizabeth Brindley, born 1797 in Virginia (Brooke County, now West Virginia), daughter of Henry.  Gail is searching for records of Elizabeth’s father, which might show him giving her money for an inheritance.  (Please read membership query for more information.)

Gail learned to never overlook a deed thinking she had all the information on the family that she needed. James Calder purchased his land in Jefferson County, recording the purchase on 18 Feb 1818. Gail states, “the most interesting thing about the deed is it gives his residence from Somerset County, NJ!  It would have taken me  some time to find him in NJ if I had NOT found that particular deed here in Jefferson County!”