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SMGF is pleased to announce an official partnership with the latest contributor in the field of genealogy - GeneTree. GeneTree is a new family sharing website that helps extend the concept of family by using the technology of today to enrich the genealogy of the past. By combining the resources of SMGF with modern media sharing utilities, GeneTree will be ground-breaking, not only for SMGF participants, but for the entire field of molecular genealogy.

In SMGF's eight years of operation, one of our main goals has been to provide useful tools for genetic genealogists. Many participants have expressed a desire for personalized DNA analysis or to communicate with their DNA cousins around the world. We are excited to finally be able to point you to GeneTree as the right place to do just that.
GeneTree is packed with great resources for users including:

  • Social networking capabilities enabling individuals and families to connect
  • Media sharing tools where pictures, video and other media can be posted and shared
  • Resources for DNA analysis and interpretation
  • Ability to contact other users with matching DNA and genealogies
  • Innovative tools to help users discover probable migration patterns for their ancient ancestors
  • The opportunity to receive a DNA profile quickly and for a low price

We encourage you to set up a free account at GeneTree ( and explore all the extraordinary features this new site has to offer. In the near future, past SMGF participants* will be able to receive their personalized DNA results through their GeneTree accounts, by paying a small processing fee. Stay tuned for more details in an upcoming email and watch for a posting on the SMGF website.

SMGF, as well as GeneTree, take great care in protecting your confidentiality. While SMGF provides GeneTree the ability to search our premier databases, all DNA and pedigree information are anonymously linked and therefore not associated with your personal information nor that of your living relatives. SMGF will not give personalized information to GeneTree without your explicit consent. SMGF, not GeneTree, will verify your past participation, and your DNA analysis results will be made available to you through your personal GeneTree account. Your data will not be made available without your request. If you have questions, contact SMGF at 1-800-344-7643 or
We are confident that you will appreciate the benefits of this partnership. Enjoy using the new tools!
*Past participants qualify if they have:

  • Requested a kit prior to October 22, 2007
  • Returned that kit prior to November 22, 2007


Why Should I Participate - Adding your DNA sample and four-generation genealogy to the 60,000 records in the Sorenson Database makes you a vital branch of the genetic family tree. Searching for your roots and finding new connections through molecular genealogy is an exciting prospect. Your contribution adds another piece to the puzzle and helps you and others make family connections when existing genealogical records alone may not be enough. Participation is FREE, convenient and confidential, and even if an another  commercial DNA testing company has already tested you, you can still submit a new DNA sample and genealogy to the SMGF project.

SMGF is building the world’s foremost collection of genetic and genealogical information and is dividing the data obtained into three sections: 1) Y-Chromosome Datebase – Males have this Y-DNA, ideal for surname research. 2) Mitochondrial Database – Sons & daughters inherit from their mothers, great for maternal line research. 3) Autosomal Database – Good for genealogical purposes, inherited from your ancestors, making this study a treasure trove of comprehensive information found nowhere else in the world. 

Our chapter participated in the DNA collection in May of 2002 and again in November of 2007. If you participated and would like to monitor the DNA results, go to the Sorenson website and check the various surnames markers, navigational maps and watch for other updates. The DNA website is updated on a regular bases.

To learn more about this research group or to learn how you can obtain your DNA results, go to or write Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, 2511 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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