Adam Dunlap, son of William and Martha Gamble Dunlap, was born Aug. 25, 1772. He settled on the property just adjacent to Thomas McCune, and subsequently a part of the John Weatherson holdings. He built a large brick home on the easterly side of the road leading from Glen Robbins Warrenton Road on Irish Ridge. He died Oct. 1, 1840 and his wife Sarah (1) Kirk are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, just a mile from the old Adam Dunlap farm. His wife, Catherine Zoll Jones Dunlap (2) was buried in the Old Seceder Cemetery.

Adam was installed as the Ruling Elder by the Short Creek Congregation in 1808. He was the son and first child of William and Martha Gamble Dunlap, who came from Bart Township, Lancaster Co., PA, and settled at or near West Liberty, Ohio County, Virginia (now WV) about 1779. In 1796 he crossed the Ohio River to the west. He later moved to Mt. Pleasant, where he sold the lot on which the First Presbyterian Church was erected, and was on the Building Committee for the erection of the brick building on the lot. He died October 1, 1840, aged 68 years, having served as Ruling Elder for 32 years.

Adam married April 23, 1799 to Sarah Kirk (born Jan. 1, 1777, died Sep. 29, 1822 aged 44 years); and on October 5, 1826 he married Catherine Zoll Jones, a widow (born Jan. 27, 1781, died August 1855). Adam and his first wife, Sarah, and her mother, Martha Kirk Parker, are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

The children of Adam are: William, James C., Martha (married Thomas McCune, a nephew of Col. Thomas McCune), Jane (married Cunningham Kithcart), and Sarah Hedges (married Samuel Bigger).