{Source, Federal Land Series, Vol. 1, 1788 – 1810, index to Steubenville, by Clifford N. Smith.} The purpose of the Federal Land Series is to calendar and index part of the great mass of archival material on the early land grants of the United States, thus making the material available to historians, genealogical researchers, and land title guarantors. Emphasis is placed upon the land patents- the first transfers of title from governmental (mainly federal) entities to private persons – for land in states other than the thirteen original ones. Since much of the land was granted for military service in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, military bounty-land warrants are basic documents upon which many patents were granted; as a consequence, these warrants become of interest in this series.

The following was taken from Source D/2526, pg. 149, entry 2524:
2524 30 Nov 1785 D/164/161

Report of the houses situated between Yellow Creek & the mouth of the Muskingum on the Ohio (River) destroyed by a detachment under the command of Captain John Dougherty:

  • James Fry "little below Yellow Creek"
  • Isaac Edgington "Hart’s Rock"
  • Joseph Edgington ditto
  • Joseph Casey "along the shore below Cross Creek"
  • Walter Cain ditto
  • Francis Riley ditto
  • George Atkinson ditto
  • John Carpenter ditto
  • George Nashan (Nation) ditto
  • Aaron Delong ditto
  • William Huff ditto
  • John Castleman "Mingo Bottom"
  • Joseph Ross ditto
  • Alceignos Baily ditto
  • William Sparks ditto
  • Jacob Laight ditto
  • John McDaniel "a compact village 8 miles above W[h]eeling consisting of 8 houses & one block house within compass of one Quarter of a Mile"
  • John Tilton ditto
  • Abraham Davis ditto
  • Thomas Johnson ditto
  • John Nickson ditto
  • Joseph Munster ditto
  • William Hagland ditto
  • "The house of John Carpenter with a sick family in it of George Norriss’ left standing near the houses of his which were destroyed." There were other unidentified houses destroyed – five between Wheeling & Muskingum.

More about the Federal Land Series

The following microcopy numbers are available for research purposes along with a description of what the copy contains:

  • #478 – Letters received by the Secretary of the Treasury of the General Land Office from the Surveyor General of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, 1797 – 1849, 10 microfilm rolls.
  • Letters received by the Surveyor General of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, 1797 – 1856, 43 microfilm rolls.
  • Letter sent by the Secretary of the Treasury relating to Public Lands ("N" series), 1801-1878, 7 microfilm rolls.
  • Register of Revolutionary War Land Warrants [U.S.] Military District of Ohio, 1795 – 1805 and expansion index from 1803 – 1806 incl. recently discovered register of military land warrants from 1804 – 1825.

Some of the schedules received from persons authorized to sell lands in the Seven Ranges (eastern Ohio) at public auction. The first such auction was held at New York between 24 October and 3 December, 1796. Sales schedules for both of these auctions were long overlooked and the custodians of land records in the National Archives did not know their whereabouts. A search for them was made and both have been found. There was a reference to a third public auction of land at Philadelphia, probably held concurrently with the Pittsburgh sale, but the original sales record has not been found to date.