Some genealogical notes on families mentioned in the foregoing records - taken from The History of Jefferson County and Steubenville, Ohio and other sources.(not indexed)

McCOY Robert McCoy came from Washington Co., PA. - was a farmer. His son James McCoy was born in Washington Co., PA. He married Jane Day/was a farmer/a sheriff/and was in the Civil War, in the same troop as his brother George B. McCoy, who died in Andersonville, Georgia prison.

McCOY- John McCoy was born Oct. 3, 1836 in Cross Creek Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio and was the son of James and Jane (Day) McCoy. He married Mary Dinsmore in March, 1876, daughter of Samuel and Fannie (Leonard) Dinsmore.
ISSUE: Fannie McCoy who married Frank Rogers; Jennie R. McCoy who married James Kirk; Jessie McCoy who married Willis Porter.

McCOY- Armstrong McCoy, resident of Cross Creek Twp. Jefferson Co., Ohio.
Martha McCoy married James Dinsmore

DINSMORE- Samuel and Fannie Dinsmore. Samuel was a farmer in Cross Creek Twp.
ISSUE: William-Walter-Alexander-Hiram-Elenor-Emily (married Robert Copeland)-Jeminah (married William Winters)-Thomas-Joseph-James-Mary (married John McCoy)
(Above members of Presbyterian Church)

GAULT- Davison S. Gault was born Aug. 6, 1845 and died April 20, 1898 in Cross Creek Twp. He was a farmer, the son of John Gault, and a Presbyterian. On Nov. 30, 1871, he married Nancy E. Stark, daughter of James and Margaret (Todd) Stark-granddaughter of Joshua and Rebecca (Wilson) Todd-granddaughter of James and Elizabeth Stark.
ISSUE of Davison S. and Nancy E. (Stark) Gault,-John J.-Ada, who died at 17 yrs-William W.-Thomas Chambers-Mary Boyd (wife of Samuel Crawford)-Charles Stark-Etta Usher (wife of Reed Scott)-Frank M.-Margaret E.-Elizabeth Alma.

GAULT- John J. Gault was born Sept., 7, 1872 in Cross Creek Twp.,Jefferson Co.,OH. He was the son of David S. and Nancy Emma (Stark) Gault, the grandson of James and Mary (Todd) Stark, and grandson of John and Mary (Davidson) Gault.
ISSUE of John J. Gault (born 1872)-John J.-Adda M.-William W.-Mary B.-Thomas C.-Charles-Usher-Margaret-Frank-Alma.

THOMPSON- Robert Thompson was born Aug. 8, 1830 in Belmont Co., OH, the son of Isaiah and Ellen (Grant) Thompson. He came to Cross Creek with his father at 5 yrs. Old in 1835, married in 1858 to Nancy Stark, daughter of James and Elizabeth (McGee) Stark.

STARK- ISSUE of James and Elizabeth (McGee) Stark-Walter-James-William-Robert-Mathew-Marian-Mary (married William Hanlon)-Eliza (married William Porter)-Nancy (married Robert Thompson) and their ISSUES are:-Mary E., born Cross Creek Twp. (married James Cable)-James (married Ada Welday)-William W.-Elizabeth-Grace.

DAILY- James Daily was born March, 1843, Jefferson Co., OH/was a farmer and the son of James and Elizabeth (Simonson)(Myers) Daily. James was a basket maker/made a trip to sell his wares and never returned. Their ISSUE: John-David (who died in the Civil War)-James (married Oct. 26, 1865 to Eliza Jane Foster, born in Ireland, Oct. 7, 1844, daughter of Robert and Martha Foster.

HANLIN - Susan Creswell Hanlin, born in Washington Co., PA, April 22, 1838, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Cunningham) Creswell (M.E. Church), married William R. Hanlin, Feb. 7, 1861. William was born in Washington Co., PA, July 15, 1836 and died May 11, 1878. They removed to Jefferson Co., OH in 1872. He was the son of Alexander and Margaret (Gracey) Hanlin, grandson of a Hanlin also born in PA and in Revolution.

STONE- William D. Stone, born in Cross Creek Twp, Jefferson Co., OH was the son of John Stone, a pioneer of Cross Creek Twp. William was a farmer and married Elizabeth Harris. Their ISSUE:-Charles E.-Mary Valenda-Ermina-Emma-Jesse-Edward B. (born Oct. 23, 1857)(married Mary Margaretta Cunningham, who died May 11, 1905, daughter of Baxter Cunningham.

STARK- James G. Stark, born June 1749, Island Creek Twp., was the son of Robert and Eliza (Winters) Stark, Presbyterian. Robert was born 1823 and married about 1846. They had nine children-James G. Stark (married 1878 to Minerva Ekey, and had 5 children) . Minerva was the daughter of Robert Ekey.

DAY- Rachel Day married William Holmes June 24, 1803.