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Ancestors Program teacher’s guide provides a complete series of lessons, worksheets, puzzles, forms, interview questions & handouts that go along with the ANCESTORS program on PBS.  Go to: and click on TEACHERS GUIDE button on the right side.  Be sure to click on “Printable version” or download the whole .pdf guidebook.


  • Select a cemetery to “adopt” this summer.  Get permission from the owner first.  Mow grass, pull weeds, plant flowers, & clean stones. Research the cemetery & talk about its history even if your own ancestors aren’t buried there! Somebody’s ancestors are buried there!
  • Make index cards of all your ancestors buried in the same cemetery.  Plan a trip & give the kids index cards with names, dates etc. to find ancestors buried there.  All ages can participate & enjoy finding their ancestors! Have a picnic at the cemetery & talk about the found ancestors.
  • Begin a “summer scrapbook.” This is a great idea for girls and teenagers!
  • Encourage your children to keep a journal.
  • Write or visit an elderly family member.  Ask them about their life & encourage them to tell you stories.  Make a movie or write a story about Grandma & Grandpa. Have a family gathering and call it a party or family reunion to highlight them & tell their story!
  • Have a family reunion that requires all to get involved. Look for books from your local library on this subject for some great ideas.
  • Plan a trip out of town or out of the country with your family for the purpose of doing research & to “walk where your ancestors walked.”  This will have to be well planned in advance and the opportunities for learning are limitless! (Compiled by Flora L VerStraten)