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Following photos shared by chapter member Janet vanstrom October 2008

  • This is the train station in Bergholz in the early 1940's

  • This photo above is the grade school in Bergholz. Janet Vanstrom's father, John Platt told her that he went here to school. He was born in 1920 so would have attended from 1926-1932.

Janet has no idea where the school was located in the village/town.

Janet has ancestry with the following surnames from the Bergholz area:
Platts, Smailes and Olivers. All came from the same general area of Scotland & England. The Scots came from Cambusnethan,Lanakshire just east of Glascow and the Olivers and Smailes came from just south of the Scottish/English border in Alnwick, Northumberland.

Donated by Janet Vanstrom

  • This is a photo of one of the bridges going into Bergholz in the early late 1930's.
    I am not positive which one it is.
    -Janet Vanstrom

  •   From Janet Vanstrom
    The following information was sent by Janet:

    This photo is of Mrs. Lodges First Grade class. The girl circled is  Aunt Janet Smailes. She is my father, John Platt's maternal half-sister. I believe that it is from Circle Green School as my father told me that all of his mother's children went to Circle Green.

    Janet Smailes was born in July 15, 1916 so this would be about 1921.
    Alternative school would be Bergholz.

  • This is a picture of the school at Circle Green in the 1920's. It was  made into a post card. I do not know who is in the photo. I do know that my father's maternal siblings all went to school there.
    -Janet Vanstrom

  •  Overview of Bergholtz, Ohio
    Submitted by Douglas R. Lyon, Jan 2015