Jefferson County Names: Old towns, hamlets, settlements or village names found in various local county histories: First listed old name =  is updated name, replacement name, current name & known location or area.  Some no longer exist.

Note - compare this listing with locations and applications for post offices in Jefferson County. You will discover even more towns, villages, and cities that you maybe never heard of before!

Alexander Road Station= Cross Creek Twp.
Alikanna= Island Creek Twp.
Altamont Park (Hill)= Steubenville Twp.
Annadelphia (R.R. Station)= Dillon in Mt Pleasant

Bacon (Beacon) Ridge= Ross Twp.
Backbone= Yellow Creek
Battle Run= Cross Creek Twp.
Bar Run
Beach Flats= Wells Twp.
Belvedere= Wayne Twp.
Berea= Brush Creek Twp.
Big Sandy Creek
Block House Run= Yellow Creek, Brush Creek Twp.
Bloomfield (Station)= Bloomingdale, Wayne Twp.
Blues Run= Rush Run area, Wells Twp.
Boston= Wayne Twp.
Bowling Green= Osage, Knox Twp.
Bradley= Smithfield Twp.
Bromstone Hollow
Brownings= Island Creek Twp.
Bull Hollow Run= Ross Twp.

Calico Hill
Calumet= Elliottsville (north of Toronto), Knox Twp.
Carter’s Run= Knoxville, New Somerset, Knox Twp.
Carrtown= Smithfield, Smithfield Twp.
Castner’s Falls
Cedar Grove (Shade)= Smithfield Twp.
Chandler= Smithfield Twp.
Cherry Flats= Salem Twp.
Chestnut Grove (Ridge)= Brush Creek Twp.
Circle (Green)= Springfield Twp.
Coal Hill= down the run/ south end, Steubenville Twp.
Collinswood (R.R.)
Connor(s)ville (PO)= Warren Twp.
Copes Mills= Brush Creek Twp.
Cornfield Row
Cream City= Saline Twp.
Cresswell (PO)= Broadacre, Wayne Twp.
Crosscreek= Cross Creek Twp.
Cornell’s Addition= New Somerset, Knox Twp.
Croxton (Run) (PO)= Brush Creek Twp.

Deandale= Steubenville Twp.
Dry Run (near Town Fork)= Ross Twp.
Deyarmonville= Warren Twp.
Dillon= Dillonvale
Dunglen= Upstill, Mt Pleasant Twp.

East View= Ross Twp.
Eastern= Springfield Twp.
Ekeyville= Stratton (Empire was a suburb of)
Elk Fork= Amsterdam
Elliottsville= Knox Twp.
Emerson= Mt Pleasant Twp.
Empire City= Empire, Knox Twp.
Exchange Mills= Wayne Twp.

Fairplay (PO)= Wayne Twp.
Fairfield= Salem Twp.
Fells= Cross Creek Twp.
Fernwood (PO)= Holmes Hill, Cross Creek Twp.
Fisherville= South End, Steubenville Twp.
Florencedale= Smithfield Twp.
Freeman’s= (North of Toronto), Knox Twp.

Gabbletown= Warren Twp.
Germantown= (Several references to German towns, various Twps.)
Ghost Hollow=Ross Twp.
Glen (Run) Robbins= Warren Twp.
Goulds= Cross Creek Twp.
Grand View= Island Creek Twp.
Green= Springfield Twp.
Greentown= Smithfield Twp.
Grover= Tiltonsville, Warren Twp.
Gillestown= East Springfield
Gambles Run


Halls= Mt Pleasant Twp. & Warren Twp.
Harperville= Mt Pleasant Twp.
Harrisville= Mt Pleasant Twp.
Henry= Smithfield Twp.
Herrick= Mt Pleasant Twp.
Highland City= Near Tiltonsville, Warren Twp.
Hilderbrand (Run or Ridge)= Ross Twp.
Hollow Rock (hill or valley)= Saline Twp.
Holmes Mills= Near Smithfield Station, Wells Twp.
Holt= Mitchells Salt Works, Ross Twp.
Hookstown= Wells Twp.
Hopewell= Warren Twp.
Horton= Mt Pleasant Twp.
Huntersville= Irondale, Saline Twp.
Hayti= McIntyre, (Black settlement), Wayne Twp.

Indian Hill= Ross Twp.
Island Creek= Island Creek Twp.

Jacksonville=  part of Steubenville, Steubenville Twp.
Jeddo (landing)= Toronto, Island Creek Twp.
Jeffersonville= part of Steubenville, Steubenville Twp.
Jeremy’s Run= Empire, Knox Twp.
Jesse Bob Town= Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant Twp. 
Jug Run= Warren Twp.

Kellys= Springfield Twp.
Keyhole Run= Ross Twp.
Kolmont= Cross Creek Twp.

La Belle View = Steubenville La Belle section, Steubenville Twp.
Laurelton = Near Rush Run, Wells Twp.
La Grange = Brilliant, Wells Twp.
Linton = Yellow Creek, Knox Twp.
Locust Hill = Salem Twp.
Long Run = Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Maple Grove = Salem Twp.
Maplewood = Island Creek Twp.
Markle = Island Creek Twp.
McConnellsville = Near Fernwood, Cross Creek Twp.
McCoy’s Station = Empire, Knox Twp.
McCollock’s,  = Salem Twp.
McCullough’s = Salem Twp. & Ross Twp.
McIntyre = Wayne Twp.
McIntyre Mills = Wells Twp.
Middleburg = Springfield Twp.
Mingo Bottom – Mingo Junction, Steubenville Twp.
Mingo Town = Mingo Junction, Steubenville Twp.
Mingo Mills = Mingo Junction, Steubenville Twp.
Mitchells Saltworks = Holt, Ross Twp. (previously in Knox Twp.)
Mizer’s (Miser) Run = Annapolis (New Salem), Salem Twp.

New Salem = Annapolis, Salem Twp.
Monroeville = Brush Creek Twp.
Moore’s Salt Works = Ross Twp
Mt Pleasant Station
New Pennsylvania
New Alexandria Station = Cross Creek Twp.
Newburg (Landing) = Toronto, Island Creek Twp.
Newell = Smithfield Twp.
Newtown = Mt Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Oatland = Warren Twp.
Olive City = Empire, Knox Twp.
Osage = Bowling Green, Knox Twp.
Overlook Hills = Island Creek Twp.
Old Nebo = Bergholz, Springfield Twp.

Panhandle = Wayne Twp.
Parlett = Wayne Twp.
Pekin = Island Creek Twp.
Perrin Springs = Smithfield Twp.
Phillips = Springfield Twp.
Phillipsburg = Brilliant, Wells Twp.
Pine Grove = Brush Creek Twp.
Pine Valley = Warren Twp.
Piney Fork = Smithfield Twp.
Pleasant Heights = Hilltop in Steubenville, Steubenville Twp. 

Pleasant Hill = Island Creek Twp.
Pleasant Home = Island Creek Twp.
Pleasant Ridge = Wells Twp.
Pleasant Vale = Salem Twp.
Pleasant Valley = Island Creek twp.
Port Homer = (near Sugar Grove), Saline Twp.
Plum Run = Wells Twp.
Portland Run = Wells Twp.
Portland (Station) = Rayland, Warren Twp.
Portland Depot = Rayland, Warren Twp.
Pottery Addition = Island Creek Twp.
Pottsdale = Irondale, Saline Twp.
Pravo = Mooretown/ Moore’s Salt Works, Ross Twp.
Prospect Hill = Smithfield Twp.

Quiet Retreat = Island Creek Twp.

Ramseyville = Mt Pleasant Twp.
Reed’s Mill = (near Broadacre), Cross Creek Twp.
Rhodesdale = Plum Run, Wells Twp.
Roberts = Smithfield Twp.
Rocky Brook
Rush Run Station = Rush Run RR, Wells Twp.
Rushville = Wells Twp.
Ruthven (PO) = Springfield Twp.

Salem (New) = Annapolis, Salem Twp.
Salt Run = Wells Twp.
Salt Works Run = Salt Run, Wells Twp.
Shady Glen = (Co Rd 47, Knoxville) Knox Twp.
Shane (town)= Ross Twp.
Shanghai = Empire, Knox Twp.
Shaw’s Run
Shelly (school) = Knox Twp.
Short Creek= Warren Twp. & Mt. Pleasant
Skelly’s Station = Wayne Twp.
Sloane’s Station = in Toronto, Island Creek Twp.
Smithfield Station = Weems, Wells Twp.
Somerset = New Somerset, Knox Twp. 
Springfield = East Springfield, Salem Twp.
Stanton Park = (near Alikanna on hill) Island Creek Twp.
Startle = Mt Pleasant Twp.
Stringer = Wells Twp.
Stumptown = Empire, Knox Twp.
Sugar Hill = Cross Creek Twp.
Sugar Tree Valley = Smithfield Twp.
Sunnyside = Forndale, Saline Twp.
Sugar Grove = Knox Twp.

Taggerts = Island Creek Twp.
Tanner = Wayne Twp.
Taylor Glen = Island Creek Twp.
Tepo = New Alexandria, Cross Creek Twp.
Thompson Salt Works = Ross Twp.
Town Fork = Ross Twp. & Knox Twp.
Tarburner (Hill) = Saline Twp.
Tarburner Valley or Brook = Saline Twp.
Tarr Hill = Wells Twp.
Trainer = Smithfield Twp.
Trenton = Mt Pleasant Twp.
Trolls Mine = Mt Pleasant Twp.
Tunnel Mill = Holt, Ross Twp.

Updegraffs = York, Smithfield Twp.
Upland Heights 
Upstill = Dunglen, Mt Pleasant Twp.

Valley Glen = Cross Creek Twp.
Valley View = Wayne Twp.
Verbena (PO) = Cross Creek Twp.

Warren = Warrenton, Warren Twp.
Warren Ridge = Warren Twp.
Waxler’s Station= Warren Twp.
Wills Creek
Witch Hazel = near Piney Fork, Smithfield Twp.
Weems = Wells Twp.
Willow Shade = Smithfield Twp.
Wolf Run = Springfield Twp.
Woods Run = Wayne Twp.

Yellow Creek = Saline Twp. (runs through several other  Twps.)
York = Smithfield Twp.

Do you see any corrections or additions? If so, please send it to Flora at fverstaten@dishnet.mail. We are attempting to build on our list realizing that it is not complete. We would like to include a complete list showing where these hamlets or towns were located, in what townships, and if it shared a common name with another known village, town or hamlet.

Many of the villages, hamlets, and towns listed above were small mining towns, and post offices that came and went. Many were named after a creek or a family that settled that run, ridge, or creek area. This list could give you a "clue" to where your family may have lived or their occupation. Much can be learned by the areas in which our families lived!

Maybe you've run into an old name while searching deed records or reading a county or family history. Consider sharing it with us so that we can add it to the list!