Steubenville Businesses

Taken from the Steubenville Weekly Gazette Newspaper, beginning Sept 12, 1842 - Exactly as it appears. No attempts were made to change or correct spellings of surnames of business names

    • September 12, 1844- D.W. Stier, American Union- Dealer in Hardware, cutlery, corner of Market & 6th St, Steub.
    • Aug 1, 1844- Orr & M’Dowell attorneys at Law, Steub. Collection of claims, settlement of estates, guardians.
    • Stanton & McCook, attorneys & counsellors at Law, and Solicitors in Chancery. 3rd St. few doors north of the public squire.
    • Sept 3, 1844- Walker, Cabinet furniture ware, # 50, 3rd St.
    • L.A. Walker, Sign and ornamental painters, #52, N.3rd St.
    • Jacob Ault, coffin, cabinet, patent bed maker, N 3rd.
    • Feb 26, 1844- James Sinclair M.D. Thomas Wood M.D. Co-partnership practice of medicine and surgery. N.B. office & residence on 3rd St.
    • May 2, 1844- John S. Kuhn M.D., diseases of the eye.
    • Apr 9, 1842- Tailoring shop, small frame house on Public Square, near courthouse.
    • Apr. 11, 1844- David Gray Jr., new boot and store, 3rd St between Market & Washington.
    • May 30, 1844- R. H. Halsted, cheap summer boots.
    • Jan 7, 1887- E.L Hammond, prominent dealer in flour, hay and feed in this city.
    • Jan 14, 1861- H.G. Garrett’s cheap cash store, #100, 3rd St Steub., silks, clothes, cashmeres, tweeds.
    • Feb 15, 1820- Cyclone hits Blacksmith Shop and totally destroyed it.  On 4th St- Porter’s Tavern later becoming McGregor’s drug store was hit. The paper mill’s first floor was brick, it withstood the cyclone but the second story that was framed in lattice was hurled into the Ohio River.
    • Established in 1806 Printing office, bookbindery, P.B. Conn, Proprietor.
    • Woolen Mill completed in 1814 by 4 patriots, Bazaleel Wells, Samuel Patterson, James Ross, and Henry Baldwin (of Pittsburgh).
    • Walcott’s Factory was built in 1803

    (Hartje Paper Mill, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., Ohio)
    (Taken from History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties)


      • George Mosel came here in 1852 - coal & coke
      • S.J. Whedock came in 1853 - engineer on river
      • Benj Ford came in 1831 - Jefferson Iron Works

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