LINKS TO ALL NEWSPAPER ARTICLES from Washington Co., PA_"Little Washington"
Link Page to ALL newspaper articles on this website. Research in Little Washington, Washington County, PA, Washpa - Over 150 years of various newspaper articles, births, obituaries, deaths, marriages, reunion, research in Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania, genealogy, genealogy, family history, documents, birth, death, marriage notices, obituaries, missing persons, adoption and guardianship, probate and deed notices, and surname only items.
... , birth, death, marriage, notices, obituaries (often with ...
... -1 SCOTT-MILLER Marriage OBITUARIES 1800-50 1851-79 1880-90 ...
... 1880s 1890s [2.] Marriages: (see Anniversaries) [Image: Afternoon ...
Fourth Page of MIGRATIONS TO and FROM WASHINGTON CO PA (Vol. A 1788-1806)_Washington County PA Genealogy and Family History_"Little Washington"
MIGRATIONS TO & FROM WASHINGTON CO PA, page 4. These families left Washington County PA in the 1790s and early 1800s and bought land in Jefferson Co Ohio. Vol. A 1788-1806. Research in Little Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania genealogy - family history documents and newspaper data e.g. birth, death, marriage notices, obituaries, missing persons, adoption and guardianship, probate and deed notices, and surname only items. Links for biographies, family trees, histories.
... Achenson 25 Oct 1798 Alexander Addison, wife Jean 19 Apr 1798 James ...
... , wife Jean 19 Apr 1798 James Bailey 14 Mar 1798 William Bailey 14 Mar ...
... Bailey 14 Mar 1798 William Bailey 14 Mar 1798 Reason Beal 10 Sep ...
... Bailey 14 Mar 1798 Reason Beal 10 Sep 1799 Zephaniah Beal, Jr. 20 ...
Public Profiler World Names - Great site! There is a place to put a surname and you will see a map of where that name is located.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, official websites

LDS website continues worldwide digital project at FamilySearch – This site manages the largest collection of genealogical records worldwide. In 2007 it announced plans to begin digitizing and indexing its collection for broader, more economic online access—starting with popular collections like the U.S., Canada, and U.K. censuses. FamilySearch has created free online indexes to date for the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 U.S. Censuses. FamilySearch is working with The Generations Network to provide enhanced, free indexes for the remaining U.S. censuses. Salt Lake City, Utah—FamilySearch International reaches a milestone with the digitization of publications online. It began the initiative in 2007 and is ramping up to do even more—and faster. The effort targets published family, society, county, and town histories, as well as numerous other historical publications that are digitally preserved and made accessible for free online. The digital publications can be searched at (Go to, then click Search Records, then click Historical Books).

FREE COURTHOUSE DIGITAL RECORDS AND MORE - Entire collections can be searched for free directly online.  Approximately 46.3 million new records and 1.2 million new images are now available on the Record Search pilot at

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Steubenville's Civil War - Jefferson county Ohio and America's Greatest Conflict


Beallsville, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA
located on Rt 40 - Old National Pike

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