James Mooney


It is not often that man superintends the construction of a vault and the digging of his own grave. Such, however, is the case with JAMES MOONEY…whose eccentricities are well-known to nearly every resident in the city. MR. MOONEY is 78 years of age, having been born in the city of Dublin, Ireland, December 9th, 1815, where he married MARY ANN HUGHES…He emigrated to this city in 1840, landing at Castle Garden…coming in the fall of 1843 to this city where he has lived ever since. He landed here with only 20 sovereigns in his picket, but by hard labor, frugality, and economy he has amassed considerable wealth in the shape of property from which he receives considerable income. He sent for his wife to Dublin and brought her to this city. Her death occurred some years ago. Five children were born to them: JAMES, EDWARD, THOMAS, JOHN, and DANIEL. Those who died are THOMAS and EDWARD. He enlisted in 1861 in Co. F. 25th O.V.I. and served honorably for three years in the Army of the Potomac. MR. MOONEY expressed a desire to see a history of his life in print before he died and furnished The Gazette reporter with all the facts as before stated.

from the
Steubenville Weekly Gazette
Week of Friday, June 30, 1893