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Mt. Pleasant Underground Railroad Quaker Meeting House Israel French Jr. An Advocate of God and Freedom

Churches & Cemeteries

Cemeteries of Jefferson Co, as read by Mary Sinclair (1862-1940) Quaker Old Friends Cemetery Mt. Pleasant M.E Cemetery
Oak Grove Church Cemetery Hicksite Cemetery Quaker Friends Short Creek Cemetery
Seceder Cemetery Wilson Cemetery Mt Pleasant Presbyterian
African M.E. Church Mt. Pleasant Twp Church History Highland Cemetery
Craven Farm Private Cemetery History of First Presbyterian Church  
Quaker Friends Cemetery Clark Chapel  
History of Oak Grove Church Cemetery Removals from Oak Grove to Seceder Cemetery  

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Craven Farm Private Cemetery Oak Grove Church Cemetery Seceder Cemetery
Hicksite Cemetery Quaker Friends Cemetery Wilson Cemetery
Highland Cemetery Quaker Old Friends Cemetery West Cemetery
Mt. Pleasant M.E. Cemetery Quaker Friends Short Creek Cemetery  


Jefferson County Board of Education 2023 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952. The county office has access to all students school records back to 1912 for Buckeye, Edison, and Indian Creek.
Jefferson County School Deeds Mt. Pleasant Quaker Boarding School History
Mt Pleasant and the Early Quakers  

Township Maps

S04T07R03-Tax Map - 225
S05T07R03-Tax Map - 219
S06T07R03-Tax Map - 213
S06T07R03-Tax Map - 509
S10T07R03-Tax Map - 224
S11T07R03-Tax Map - 218
S11T07R03-Tax Map - 510
S12T07R03-Tax Map - 211
S16T07R03-Tax Map - 223
S17T07R03-Tax Map - 217
S18T07R03-Tax Map - 209
S18T07R03-Tax Map - 210
S22T07R03-Tax Map - 222
S23T07R03-Tax Map - 212
S23T07R03-Tax Map - 216
S24T07R03-Tax Map - 208
S28T07R03-Tax Map - 221
S28T07R03-Tax Map - 613
S29T07R03-Tax Map - 215
S30T07R03-Tax Map - 207
S34T07R03-Tax Map - 220
S35T07R03-Tax Map - 214
S36T07R03-Tax Map - 205
S36T07R03-Tax Map - 206
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