Mt. Pleasant Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

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Category: Ohio physical, cultural and historic features; Feature Name: Oak Grove Cemetery, Type: Cultural, Class: Cemetery, County: Jefferson, FID: 1960356, Coordinates: Latitude 40.1770153 and Longitude -80.7653612.

This cemetery is in a more remote area on a township road and has been totally neglected and forgotten over the years. The graveyard suffered so much neglect and vandalism, so much so that in the 1960’s many descendants of more prominent known ancestors (such as McCune’s etc.) moved their ancestor’s tombstones (and remains?) to the Seceder Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, just a few short miles away. Those interments were not recorded (to our knowledge, no records have been found to date) showing these re-interments, and therefore many who search for their early pioneers believe they were originally buried at the Seceder Cemetery, but many were re-interred from Oak Grove. Many early tombstones still remain at Oak Grove.

Photo taken by Flora L. VerStraten at the Oak Grove Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio in 2006. A large tabletop tombstone of Andrew McMehan. Pieces of this beautiful, ornate tombstone was found throughout the cemetery and the pieces were pieced back together. The complete tabletop was located and the photo was taken.