2015 Executive Officers:

President - Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin
Vice President - Judy Schmidt
Treasurer - Naomi Furbee
Secretary - OPEN
Trustee - Edward (Buddy) Merrin
Trustee - OPEN

Committee Chairs:

FF PF & CW Families - Tammy Hosenfeld
Queries - Tammy Hosenfeld & Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin
Historian - Frances Roman
Newsletter Editor - Michelle Vandine
Records Preservation - Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin

Office Volunteers

Linda Spencer
Frances Roman
Lucie Ewing
Roger Ewing
Judy Schmidt
Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin
Edward (Buddy) Merrin
LDS Elders/Missionaries


Judy Schmidt - Membership Chair Questions/Requests

Naomi Furbee - Treasurer Questions/Requests

Tammy Hosenfeld - First Family, Pioneer Family, Civil War Family Chair Questions/Requests

Tammy Hosenfeld - Research Queries Chair

Pictured Above 2012 Officers:

Photo taken at the March 26, 2012 meeting

Front row:
Vice President; Judy Schmidt
Treasurer; Gail Komar

Back row:
Senior Trustee; Edward (Buddy) Merrin
President; Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin
Trustee; John Flenniken
Recording Secretary; Naomi Furbee


Above: Executive Board Officers for  2014 are;
Left to Right;
Judy Schmidt - Secretary/Membership Chair
Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin - President
Naomi Furbee - Treasurer

Above: Chapter Trustee's for 2014

Left to right;
Buddy (Edward) Merrin and Michael Donahue

Above: The other picture of the office volunteers;
Back row, left to right;
Mary Walker, Linda Spencer, Lisa Carte, Flora, Joe Monson
Front row, left to right;
Lucie & Roger Ewing and Vickey Monson
Missing from the picture: Frances Roman

Left: Jonathan Britten
Middle: Devin Hilty
Right: Jeff Evans II

Pictured are the young men that took part in our chapter Christmas Civil War presentation in December of 2003. Jonathan played the “fiddle.” Devin spoke concerning his Eagle Scout Project of cleaning and painting GAR markers throughout the Steubenville Union Cemetery. These young men are fine examples of how the young people want to participate and get involved in our cemetery projects. Jeff led the Civil War presentation with shared “gleanings” from the Steubenville Herald Star Newspaper of articles that ran during the Civil War period.

Civil War Period Clothes

L to R: Sue Evans & Flora L. VerStraten, Dec.2003

December 2007, our chapter Christmas Luncheon. Mr. Roger Pyles (standing) owner of the recently restored and opened, Mill Creek Inn spoke to our group following our lunch at the Inn. Chapter members seated following the luncheon are:

Tammy Hosenfeld
Christopher Creamer
Pat O'Dell
Richard Russelo
Linda Hilty
and chapter guests

Mill Creek Inn Christmas Luncheon 2007 in the dining room area

Front: John Borkowski
Left behind John going around the table are:
Carol Criswell
Mary Kay Emmerth (not seen)
Ann Thorne
Ann Grayzar's sister
Ann Grayzar
Ann Grayzar's sister
Jami Borkowski


Restored homestead, interior
Mill Creek Inn, Chapter Christmas Luncheon, 2007