Our mother Sarah wife of Josiah Glover died May 9, 1858, in her 75th year.  She was a tender mother here, and in her life the Lord did fear.  We trust our loss will be her gain, and that with Christ she’s gone to reign.   Submitted by chapter member, Rena Goss

Harriet Isabelle McNary was born 2 Mar 1851 in Jefferson County and died 30 Mar 1877.  Will dated 6 Mar 1877.  She is buried at Piney Fork U.P. Church Cemetery in Smithfield Twp along with many relatives.“Farewell to thee, Harriet, We ne’er shall see thee more; Thou art free from all thy trouble, From which you suffered sore.  Her weary march of life is o’er. She’s gone to rest on that beautiful shore.”Submitted by  chapter member, Kathryn Cox

Piney Fork Pioneer Cemetery, Smithfield Township
Piney Fork Tombstone Inscriptions
Typed by chapter member, Kitty Kutchmark
October 2009

Verses/epitaphs read and recorded on site by:
Gloria Fast
Janice Lichtensteiger
Beverly Zimmerman
Janet Mohr

Sleep soldier sleep thy work is done.

N M McCoy
There is still room in Heaven.

Susanna Hervey
Lord I am Thine
Yea though I walk in death
Yet will I fear no ill
For Thou are with me and Thy rod
And Staff my comfort still.

Isabella Coulter   1856  20yr
Isabel thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But ‘tis God that hails her thus
He can all your sorrow heal.

Rachel Gracy
Who died_______________tender

James & Isabella Carson
Lord we are Thine
Purchased and saved by blood divine.

Mary Ann Parkull ?  1826
The Lord givith and
The Lord taketh away.

James Leech
Behold He taketh away, who can hinder Him
Who shall say unto Him
What doeth Thou?

Wm Clark   1850  77yr
Think of me as a wanderer
Whose home is found.

Annie Mary Spencer  1868  6yr
She is dead but lives with Him
She is gone her image dim
And shall linger   ?

Sarah Glover
She was a tender mother here
And in her life the Lord did fear
We trust our loss will be her gain
And that with Christ she’s gone to reign.

Jamison Welt
The Lord giveth and the Lord
Taketh away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord

James Hervey  ?
Suffer the children
To come unto Me

Eliza Ann McNary Ralston  26yr
She was a lovely star whose light
Around my pathway shone
Amid the darksome vale of tears
Thru which I journey on
That star went down in beauty But
In the bright and dazzling
That decks the sky.

Harriet McNary  1877
Farewell to thee Harriet
We ne’er shall see thee more
Thou art free from all they trouble
From which you suffered sore
Her weary march of the life
She’s gone to rest on that beautiful shore.

Hugh & Josiah Thompson and Allied Families