Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley

(Author, Andrew G. Slade, published 1976) – Title page - An authorized publication of the Presbytery of the Upper Ohio Valley in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States of American in 1976.

First United Presbyterian Church – Steubenville, Ohio – The church was organized in 1810 as a Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church. On March 7, 1811, a call was extended to Mr. George Buchanan to serve a three-point charge of Yellow Creek, Steubenville, and Harman’s Creek. He was installed June 4, 1811. About 1817 the first building was erected on the site of the present building. In 1837 the second was erected. In 1838 Rev. Buchanan served only in Steubenville. In January of 1857, Rev. J.K. Andrews became pastor. Mr. Andrews became chaplain of the 136th Ohio Regiment in the Civil War.  By September of 1864, Mr. J.W. Clokey was installed. His family was very important in the history of the United Presbyterian Church in North America. His wife raised millions of dollars for missionary causes. His daughter, Mary Clokey Porter was the secretary of the Women’s Missionary Society. Rev. T.J. Kennedy was pastor form 1869-1873. In late 1873,  Rev.S.J.Stewart became pastor. He resigned in 1877 and later practiced law. Rev. William S. Owens became pastor in 1877 and the old building was razed and a new building was erected. It was dedicated on January 1, 1884. Rev. William Harshaw served from 1887 to 1889. He was followed by Rev. E.M. Milligan who served until 1895...

Cross Creek Presbyterian Church – Records begin in the early years when worship services were held in the Cross Creek Community is obscure. We know that there was preaching as early as 1816. In 1837 it was decided to erect a house of worship. George Day gave an acre of ground for the church and cemetery. The first building was brick with two front doors facing east. In January of 1838, the church was organized and admitted to Steubenville Presbytery. There were twenty-five charter members. Rev. Joseph Chambers was the first minister. He served until 1850 when there were more than one hundred members. In those early years many of the members traveled several miles to attend services, many had to walk. Often they walked bare-footed and put on their shoes before entering the church. The early Sessions exercised strong discipline over the members. The first church burned in March of 1873. A new church was built and it was dedicated December 14, 1873. It was served by joint pastorates; the longest period being with the Two Ridges Church and records of Cross Creek Church, down to 1937. In 1947 the church was dissolved and its members became charter members of Starkdale Church of Steubenville.

Joseph Chambers - 1839-1850
William Eaton - 1851-1853
William Young - 1853-1854
D.R. Campbell - 1856-1861
George Scott - 1863
W.R. Kirkwood - 1865-1867
R.H. Van Pelt - 1868-1869
J.F. Boyd                                              
James Patterson - 1883-1884
Homer Sheeley - 1885-1887
M.M. Whiteford - 1888-1891
F.W. Hawley - 1891
Rev. Henry Webb - 1893-1901
Lists continues through 1928

Westminster Presbyterian Church – Steubenville, Ohio – The roots of the church go back prior to 1800, but the present church was formed in 1911 by uniting of the First Presbyterian Church of Steubenville. A pioneer church in Steubenville mothered several churches including the Second Presbyterian of Steubenville, founded in 1838. Other churches included were Cross Creek, in the same year; Potter Chapel, Mingo Jct.; and the Third Presbyterian Church in 1873, and the Congregational Church of Steubenville in 1875. A lot of the west side of block 200 of South Fourth Street, was the first site of the First Presbyterian. The church moved in 1872 to a new building on the site of the present Westminster Church…

Obadiah Jennings D.D. Moderator - 1822
Charles Clinton Beatty, D.D. Moderator - 1862