Historical Record
Report of Committee on Historical Record 1879
Churches referenced: Chestnut Grove Methodist, Irondale Societies, Hammondsville M.E., Pine Grove, Lutheran

Abstracted and typed by: Kitty Kutchmark

Note: No attempts were made to change or correct surname and location spellings.

The Birthplace of Methodism on North Fork of Yellow Creek near mouth of Salt Run was in house of Jeremiah Hickman. A printed sketch of whose life is given on opposite page. Just when preaching began at this point, your committee has been unable to ascertain. Rev. Simeon Hickman is sure Rev. William Lipton preached in Jerry Hickmans’ House in 1822. Among the Pioneer Preachers we find S. R. Brocunier, N. Callendar and John Crawford, the latter of whom returned and died under the hospitable roof where he had often preached. Afterward meetings of the Society for Worship was in the stone residence of Theophilus Kirk near where Hammondsville now stands. The first class consisted of the following: Susan Kirk, Susan Cox, Mary Cox, Amy Drey, David M. D. Walter (afterward a local preacher), Mary Walter, 1st leader James Ewing, Sarah Ewing.

Afterward the school house, in what is now Irondale, being built the society worshipped in Boyles School House. The first minister appointed after this move was Rev. Alcinone Young about A.D. 1835. The circuit was first called Hannover. Rev. David Sharp succeeded Young in the charge of the circuit. Among these Pioneer Preachers we recall the names of Rev. John White, Wm. Henderson, J.K. Miller, Harvey Bradshaw, John Knox, J.M. Bray, P.K. Mclene. About this nucleus at Jerry Hickmans’ societies have sprung up at Highland Town, Chestnut Grove, Irondale.

1869/70 - Irondale and Hammondsville became a separate charge in 1869. 1870. Rev. S.H. Cravens, Pastor. The minutes of the first meeting of the First Board Trustees of Irondale M.E. Church was held Nov. 23, 1870, at which Joseph Irwin and Wm. D. Reese were appointed committee to secure a lot and deed to build a church. The other trustees were: John Anderson, John Hunter, Jos M. Beard, Mathew N. Russell, Wm. Ramsey, Wm. Lacy, J. Irwin, J.R. Hutchmore, Theopilus Cox. See Minutes of trustees.

• March 1871 - Rev. C.S. Bachtell was appointed Pastor during this summer the First M.E. Church of Irondale was built.
• March 1872 - J.R. Thompson, Pastor. This year the M.E. Church was dedicated___Wm. Cox and ___Wm. Hunter assisted at dedication.
• March 1873 - Louis Paine, Pastor, condensed the indebtedness to two large claims.
• March 1874 - Sept. 1876 - G.B. Smith, Pastor. A good ingathering during his pastorate.
• Sept 1876 to May 1876 - The General Conference created the East Ohio Conference out of the Ohio parts of The Pittsburgh and Erie Conference. Making one of the largest conferences in the whole of Methodism. The first session of the East Ohio Conference met in Sept., 1876 in Kramer Chapel, Steubenville, making a short Ecclesiastical year of about six months length. At this conference Sept 1876, Rev. A.W. Gruber was appointed in Chicago.
• Sept 1877 - Rev. A.W. Gruber was returned in Chicago. D.A. Pierce was appointed in Sept. 1878.

Your committee deems it worthy of mention that a number of men connected with this charge have become noted for Alexander Martin D.D. Literary and Educational work. Rev. Alex Martin D. D. afterward Prof. of Greek in Allegheny College. President of West VA. University (now 1879) Chancellor of Indiana Sebury University. Heard