If you are interested in private, extensive research within Jefferson County, Ohio, you may contact the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS at the following:

P O Box 2367
100 Fernwood Road
Wintersville, Ohio 43953


Phone: 740-346-2820

Please put Attn: Kitty Kutchmark - Research Queries.

Note: EXTENSIVE RESEARCH would include many various sources and records within Jefferson County and may include neighboring counties/states as well for more in-depth research.


You can request a query by using PayPal and submitting your query electronically.

You can write to the Chapter and enclose a check or money order to make a query request.

MEMBERS FEE - $25.00 per ancestor
NON MEMBERS FEE - $30.00 per ancestor

HOW TO - Researchers will not conduct searches over a wide range of time that include many family members and/or generations. The researcher may contact you in regards to conducting a more extensive research, at which time you may be asked to submit an additional fee. The query person has the choice if they would like the researcher to conduct a more extensive search.

Click here to fill out your Research Query Form

When completing the above form, please include your email address!


  1. STICK to a specific family (surname) in a specific time period.
  2. BE SPECIFIC when requesting a search, which would include known information such as: full names, dates, locations, and other pertinent information, when known.
  3. RESULTS - Include what specific results you are seeking. For example select from this list:
    Seeking death date
    Seeking marriage date
    Seeking family relationship
    Seeking parents
    Seeking land & deed records
    Seeking church affiliation
    Seeking birth date, etc.

    SOURCES FOR PRIVATE CHAPTER QUERIES - The sources researchers use come from ALL of the Chapter publications and may also include various Schiappa Public Library (Ohio Genealogy Research Dept.) and also the Jefferson County Historical (Vivian Snyder) Library sources. Please be aware of the fact that when you request the Schiappa Library or Historical Library to do a search, you may be limiting your results to just the records they have available. We seek out from all of these various repositories in Jefferson County, Ohio.