Ross Township History George's Stone House Ross Twp. History, Source, The Pathfinders of Jefferson County, Ohio by W. H. Hunter.

Churches & Cemeteries

Bacon Ridge/Montgomery Cemetery Mooretown United Presbyterian/Yellow Creek Cemetery Holt Lutheran Church Deed Record
Pine Grove Church Cemetery Mooretown M.E./Pravo M.E./Yellow Creek/Seceder McClelland Farm Private Cemetery
Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery Wade Private Cemetery McClain/McConnells Private Cemetery
Dorn/George/McClain Private Cemetery Report of Committee on Historical Record 1879 Seevers Private/George’s Lake Cemetery
Hilderbrand/Hildebron/Hildenbrand Private Cemetery Holt Lutheran Church Shane/Lebanon Cemetery
Cemeteries of Jefferson Co, as read by Mary Sinclair (1862-1940) The Bacon Ridge Presbyterian Church Records.pdf
Abstracted by Flora L. VerStraten from the original church ledger. No attempts were made to change or correct name spellings or dates. This ledger was very difficult to abstract. Researchers must consider this when using this record as a source.

Bacon Ridge Presbyterian Pioneer Church Register 1802-1931 (with years missing between 1872 to 1930). Excel Format - The source is Indexed by Surname.
The register includes infant baptisms (with birthdates and parents names) and much more genealogical information. The church relocated during the mid 1840's just a few miles up the road, still located in Ross Township to a location referred to as Shane/Shanetown/Lebanon. The old graveyard remained behind with some of the earliest burials remaining. The graveyard was neglected for many years and many of the early tombstones are missing, thrown away, sunken in the ground in pieces, or illegible. Once the church was relocated to Shane a new graveyard was located beside the new church. Currently as of 2013, there are no signs of either church except a few red bricks thrown in the woods nearby the old graveyard in the Bacon Ridge cemetery.

This was transcribed by Flora L. VerStraten-Merrin from original church records of Bacon Ridge Church. These records may be the only source of a child's birth or death. These records clarify how early the church and graveyard began as well as when other nearby churches sprung up - thus the term "dismissed" to other churches closer to where the pioneer lived

This cemetery was located on a dairy farm on April 17, 2011
Flora VerStraten and Buddy (Edward) Merrin visited the farm and saw the following tombstone laying up against a pole in the front yard area of this farm. In 2011 the farm was owned by Paul and Barbara Abbott and they bought it from Frank Boyd in 1989 for a total of 230 acres.

Tombstone reads:

w/o Henry Gregg
D Apr 4, 1865
Aged 75 yrs 3 mos 10 days
White – marble
Finger pointing to heaven

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions

Holt Cemetery Tombstone Index Holt Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Hilderbrand Cemetery Tombstone Index Hilderbrand Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Bacon Ridge/Montgomery Cemetery Tombstone Index
Tombstone Inscriptions & Spreadsheet recorded by Flora L. VerStraten
Bacon Ridge/Montgomery Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Tombstone Inscriptions & Spreadsheet recorded by Flora L. VerStraten

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Bacon Ridge/Montgomery Cemetery McClelland Farm Private Cemetery Pine Grove Church Cemetery
Dorn Private Cemetery Mooretown Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Seever Private Cemetery
Hilderbrand/Hildebron/Hildenbrand Private Cemetery Mooretown United Presbyterian Yellow Creek Cemetery Shane/Lebanon Cemetery
McClain/McConnells Private Cemetery Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery Wade Private Cemetery


Jefferson County Board of Education – 2023 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952. The county office has access to all students school records back to 1912 for Buckeye, Edison, and Indian Creek.
Jefferson County School Deeds Elliott's One Room School
Ross Twp School History  

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