Ross Township  was formed in 1812 and it is in the northern section of the county with rough and hilly landscape.  It was known for farming, game, fishing, turkey, deer and salt.  The upper level was taken off to form Brush Creek township.  It is approximately 30 square miles. Yellow Creek runs through part of the area and logging and mining have intruded on this once beautiful gaming area.  Many wild flowers can still be found along the roadside such as: daisies, sweet williams, queen anns lace. Violets blanket several pioneers cemeteries in the early spring of each year.  Some early pioneer surnames found here are: Crabbs, Scott, Maples, McClain/McLain/McLean, Saltsman, Culp, Householder, Lowry, Latimer, Larrimer, Jackman, Andrews, Anderson, Coe, Shane, Kilgore, Daniels, George, Roach, Davis, Castleman, Speedy, Elliott, Moore, and Allen.