Saline Township  named from its Salt wells. It is immediately north of Knox Township and is found in the northeastern section of the county. We have found no county or township history that specifically pinpoints when it was formed. It holds a very historic honor where several battles were fought.  The mouth of Yellow Creek can be found near “Tarburner” in section seven.  Irondale and Port Homer are found in this township's boundaries. From all the townships in the county, this township has been hit the hardest from strip mining and logging. Much of the natural beauty and history is but a faint memory. In the History of Jefferson County,by Caldwell, is noted the following statement:   It has thick woods, thickets, foliage, and a wild primeval beauty. Many wild berries such as black and raspberry can still be found throughout the area. Early surnames include: Smith, Powell, Brown, McConnell, Maple, Hickman, and Taylor.

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