Smithfield Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley

(Author, Andrew G. Slade, published 1976) – Title page - An authorized publication of the Presbytery of the Upper Ohio Valley in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States of American in 1976.

Smithfield United Presbyterian Church – In the summer of 1866 talk of organizing a Presbytery in Smithfield began…Rev. W. R. Kirkwood was to preach in Smithfield…A committee composed of: Rev. A. Swaney, Rev. M.A. Parkinson, and Rev. W.R. Kirtwood with elders W. Plummer and John Gault to explore further possibilities was appointed. 
In June of 1867 a meeting was held at Beech Springs to organize a church on the first Tuesday of October 1867. The original members were: William Ekey, Margaret Ekey, Elenor Peters, Abigail J. Scott, Mary E. McGuil, Elizabeth J. Newlin, William Vermillion, Eliza O’Donnell, Mary Mathes, and John Medill. The present church was built in 1902. The building caught fire, and was rebuilt immediately.

Ministers from Smithfield Presbyterian Church:
W.R. Kirtland - 1867-1872
L.A. Grove - 1872-1875
A.A. Hough - 1875-1881
Cook - 1881-1883
W.W. Parks - 1883-1884
W. M. Eaton - 1884-1885
Rev. McDonald - 1885-1886
Samuel Forbes - 1886-1892
J.F. Boyd - 1892-1893
Rev. Pringle - 1893-1894
W.E. Sloane - 1894-1985
W.A. King and S.M. Reed - 1895-1896
C.L. McKee - 1896-1897
A.A. Griffin - 1897-1900
The lists continues through 1975