1805 Earliest school in Steubenville Teacher, Mr. Black. It was located in a frame residence between 5th and Commercial St. on Market St.

1807 Little Red schoolhouse Built with funds raised by Bezaleel Wells. Located on S. High St., first teacher was James Thompson.

1814 First classical school in the West. Rev. George Buchanan established it. It was located on W. Market St. above the Pennsylvania Railroad. One of the pupils was Edwin M. Stanton.

1817 Two private schools in Steubenville. Rev. J.B. Finley and the other taught by Dr. C.C. Beatty.

1818 Mr. Baker opened a third school near the head of Washington St.

1820 An academy was established on the east side of S. High St. It was taught by Prof. J.P. Miller, a seceder minister. Samuel Acherly opened a school on N. 7th St. and Dr. John Scott opened the Grove Academy on 7th St. above North. Boys and girls attended together by private subscription of $2.50 to $5.00 per scholar for six months.

1829 The famous Steubenville Female Seminary was opened by Dr. C. C. Beatty and his wife. It was located on S. High St. between Adams and South St. This school was for girls only and the first class graduated in 1833. Nearly 5,000 women from Steubenville and other parts of the country were educated. The school closed in 1898.