Wells Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

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Tarr Hill owned by the Bell Family

The Bell Family own the property where this pioneer homestead is located. This photo was taken by Flora L. VerStraten in March of 2007. This homestead was said to be part of the land owned by Senator Tarr and family. Deed searches have shown that to be true as well. This homestead is located on Tarr Hill, between where the old concrete mantle was located and the Barrett Cemetery. This homestead dates back to 1810.

The chapter has been doing some research on this homestead. The Bell' s and their neighbor, Colleen Holskey {that is a descendant of Senator Tarr's family} are continuing to search through deeds to locate the original owners of the homestead in hopes of learning who built the home.

We believe there was an old wagon road that ran right behind the homestead, which we also believe was part of the Stage Coach Route in Jefferson County. The road bed can still be seen to this day. There is an old spring house (falling in now) located beside the homestead as well.

The photo above was taken by Flora L. VerStraten in 2007. Note the foundation of this structure. It appears to be "stacked stones" one on top of another. This area is is located on the old Tarr Farm.

This photo was taken by Flora L. VerStraten March 31, 2007. As you can see, the rear of the homestead is sadly falling in. It is a shame this old homestead could not be preserved.

The Bell Homestead on Tarr Hill. Photo taken by Flora L. VerStraten March 31, 2007. This area is where the springhouse was located near the right rear corner of the original old homestead shown above.