Matthew Warden Family
Compiled by Harriett Meadows FUQUAY
September 2009

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Matthew Warden, born between 1796-1798 in Ireland and died 12 Dec 1888, arrived in Ohio no later than 25 Jul 1822. He married his first wife, Mary/May Myers on this date in Jefferson County, Ohio. Their children were:

George F. Warden, born abt. 1823 spouse unknown

Child Warden, born abt. 1824 name and spouse unknown

Child Warden, born abt. 1826 name and spouse unknown

Child Warden, born abt. 1827 name and spouse unknown

Child Warden, born abt. 1829 name and spouse unknown

Child Warden, born abt. 1831 name and spouse unknown

Joseph Warden, born May 1833 md Margaret Starren on 11 Oct 1860 in Jefferson Co., OH

Matthew Warden, born Mar 1835 md Elizabeth Reed Maple on 26 Aug 1863 in Jefferson Co., OH

Elizabeth Warden, born Sep 1836 md John Grimm on 19 Jul 1893 in Columbiana Co., OH

Sarah Warden, born abt. 1838 spouse unknown

On the 1840 Jefferson County Ohio census Matthew Warden is enumerated with a wife and 10 children. By 1850 we can locate only 5 of those children. We do not know if disease took them or if they married.

Matthew Warden married his second wife, Nancy Burk on 9 Mar 1843 in Jefferson County Ohio. Their child was:
John W. Warden, born Apr 1845 md Julia Grimm (sister of John Grimm) 25 Aug 1891 in Columbiana Co., OH.

Apparently Nancy Burk died prior to the 1850 Columbiana County Ohio census as Matthew is not listed with a wife. His children Sarah and Joseph are listed with him and son Matthew is living next door in the Thomas and Margaret Coburn household. Matthew Warden is listed on the 1860 with his third wife, Nancy Ferguson, whom he married on 5 Aug 1851 in Jefferson Co., Oh and sons Joseph and Matthew.

Joseph and Margaret Starren Warden do not appear to have had any children nor do John W. and Julia Grimm Warden. John and Elizabeth Warden Grimm also seem to have been childless. There is a Matthew and Ida M. Warden living next door to Joseph Warden on the 1880 Columbiana Co., OH census. This Matthew Warden, after further research, is most likely the son of George Warden of Wood Co., OH . Matthew was a railroad worker. This particular family has always been in Wood County.

Matthew Warden, born 1835 and Elizabeth Reed Maple did have the following children:

Mary Elizabeth Warden, born 20 Dec 1865, died 28 Nov 1946 md James I. Smith on 15 Jan 1885 in Jefferson Co., Oh

Emma Bell Warden, born 22 Oct 1867, died 30 Jun 1940, md James O. Walters

James H. Warden, born 20 May 1864, died 16 Nov 1878, killed by a tree

John A. Warden, born 20 Aug 1869, died 12 Jan 1940, md Annie Elizabeth Beadnell on 30 Mar 1896

Matthew Tilden Warden, born 5 Mar 1872, died 30 Mar 1953, md Phoebe Ann Wareham

Benjamin Franklin Warden, born 9 Apr 1874, died 17 Jun 1898, died from injuries caused by an ash cart falling on him at the Irondale Rolling Mill.

William Wilson Warden, born 9 Apr 1878, died 27 Sep 1910, md Katrinia Pearl Davis

Albert Ross Warden, born 17 Apr 1881, died 25 Jul 1896, died of abscess

David Anderson Warden, born 23 Oct 1875, died 18 Oct 1940, md Myrtle Tommy Mitchell [this is my direct ancestor]

Sources: 1840 1930 Ohio censuses; death certificates; Deaths Recorded in Jefferson County, Ohio by Leila S. Francy ; Marriage Records of Jefferson and Columbiana Counties; obituaries and the International Genealogical Index.

This picture was taken between 1896 and 1898


Barbara Warden Meadows was the compilers mother, Joyce Warden Griffis is her aunt and Maxine Galassi is her cousin. 2006
Barbara Warden Meadows died 19 Jan 2009