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Churches & Cemeteries

All Inclusive cemeteries in Jefferson County Hall/Benj Farm Cemetery St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery
Bayless Private Cemetery Hodgens/Indian/ Mound/Tiltonsville Cemetery Scamahorn Private Cemetery
Beall Cemetery Rayland United Presbyterian Church Warrenton Cemetery
Chambers Private Cemetery Mound Cemetery West Cemetery
Duvall Private Cemetery Hopewell Church & Cemetery Cemeteries of Jefferson Co, as read by Mary Sinclair (1862-1940)
Harris Private Cemetery Hupp Private Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery graveside service for Revolutionary Patriot, Jermiah Tingley
Hall/Reuben Cemetery Jones Private Cemetery Early Deaths in Warrenton
Upland Heights Cemetery Clarence Billingsley's Records - Provided By Becky Morris Letter from Hopewell United Methodist Church - Feb 19, 2012
Footprints from the Past - Hall Cemetery    

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions

Beall Cemetery Tombstone Index Beall Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Duvall Cemetery Tombstone Index Duvall Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Hopewell Cemetery Tombstone Index Hopewell Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions - This spreadsheet information was extracted from the Hopewell Plat/Lot Owners map. This is not a listing of tombstone inscriptions. This is just a help mate for fellow researchers. There was no date found on the map. This file contains names of owners of cemetery lots at the Hopewell Cemetery. This could be a very useful tool in locating ancestors in the Hopewell Cemetery/Church. Extracted and typed by - Flora L. VerStraten

Buriels Plots at Hopewell Cemetery Part 1
Burial Plots at Hopewell Cemetery Part 2

Warren Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio, SubmittedJune 2007
Note: This information was extracted from Warren Township Trustee Cemetery Ledger Book

Hopewell Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions - Read by: Larry & Jan Creamer

Hopewell Cemetery Surname Index
Compiled by Larry and Jan Creamer

Upland Cemetery Index
Indexed burials by name and location
Submitted June 2007
Upland Cemetery Burials from township records
Submitted June 2007
New Section
Upland Cemetery Burials, Old Section
Submitted June 2007
Taken from cemetery records by Warren Township Trustees
Warrenton Cemetery Tombstone Index Warrenton Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions

Cemetery Tombstone Photos

Warrenton Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery

Google Earth Cemetery Images

Bayless Private Cemetery Harris Private Cemetery Saint Adelbert Cemetery
Beall Cemetery Hodgens Cemetery Scamahorn Private Cemetery
Chambers Private Cemetery Hopewell Church Cemetery Upland Heights Cemetery
Duvall Private Cemetery Hupp Private Cemetery Warrenton Cemetery
Hall/Benj Farm Private Cemetery Jones Private Cemetery West Cemetery
Hall/Reuben Private Cemetery Mound Cemetery  


Jefferson County Board of Education 2023 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952. The county office has access to all students school records back to 1912 for Buckeye, Edison, and Indian Creek.
Jefferson County School Deeds Warren Twp School History
Wells/Warren Township School History {which was part of Warren Twp before 1823}  

Township Maps

S23T04R02-Tax Map - 488
S24T04R02-Tax Map - 479

S24T04R02-Tax Map - 480
S25T05R02-Tax Map - 472
S26T05R02-Tax Map - 463

S28T04R02-Tax Map - 485

S28T04R02-Tax Map - 492

S28T04R02-Tax Map - 493
S29T04R02-Tax Map - 487
S30T04R02-Tax Map - 478

S31T05R02-Tax Map - 470

S31T05R02-Tax Map - 471

S31T05R02-Tax Map - 472

S32T05R02-Tax Map - 462
S34T04R02-Tax Map - 491
S35T04R02-Tax Map - 486
S36T04R02-Tax Map - 477

S07T05R02-Tax Map - 475

S08T05R02-Tax Map - 466
S08T05R02-Tax Map - 467
S08T05R02-Tax Map - 468
S08T05R02-Tax Map - 469

S08T05R02-Tax Map - 476

S11T04R02-Tax Map - 607

S12T04R02-Tax Map - 484

S12T04R02-Tax Map - 605

S13T05R02-Tax Map - 474
S14T05R02-Tax Map - 465

S16T04R02-Tax Map - 609
S16T04R02-Tax Map - 610
S17T04R02-Tax Map - 489

S17T04R02-Tax Map - 606

S17T04R02-Tax Map - 608

S18T04R02-Tax Map - 481

S19T05R02-Tax Map - 473

S20T05R02-Tax Map - 464

S22T04R02-Tax Map - 490

S22T04R02-Tax Map - 494
S22T04R02-Tax Map - 495
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