Aug. 1894   Steubenville weekly Gazette


CHARLES B. WATKINS died Monday at his room at the Clarendon hotel, aged forty-eight years, after two weeks illness with kidney disease...To men who visited him in his last illness he said that his name was WATKINS although some believe that this was not his real name, and that there was some mystery connected with his life.  His reticence about his life and affairs was what gave rise to these doubts, however.  He also told that he was born in Loudon County, Virginia, and he doubtless came from good connections, as he was very gentlemanly in his treatment of those with whom he cme in contact.  He claimed that he served in Mosby's Calvary. He must have been a daring, dashing and fearless soldier.  He was an engineer on the Pennsylvania railroad in 1877...Last Spring two strange ladies came here, one having a child with her, and many thought she was his wife, but reference to the McConville hotel register shows that she was MRS. E.E. PYLE of Wheeling, WV and the other lady MRS. HORMEL OF  Bridgeport.  He never....let anything drop about his family.