Dear Members,

Please read this letter in its entirety. I know it is long, but it should clear up a lot of questions you might have about the Website.


As of September 2011, all website updates will be completed on the 15th and the last day of each month. This includes adding new member access to the members only section. So, if you join our chapter anytime before the 15th, you will not recieve your members only section log in information untill the 15th. If you join our chapter anytime after the 15th, but before the last day of the month, you will not receive your members only login information untill the last day of the month. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it makes updates to the site much easier.

All chapter members have been added to the chapter members list located under "MEMBERS" in the left-hand column of main links.
Please check to make sure your membership information is up-to-date

Members Only Login Information (Passwords & Usernames)

Please note that all passwords are computer generated, which makes them hard to read and understand. Sometimes the number "1" looks like the letter "l", or the letter "O" looks like the number zero "0", and so on. I know this can be frustrating. If you copy and paste them into the login box, you will not have to worry about typing them wrong. However, all members are more than welcome to email me with their own choices of a username and password and I will be happy to change them. My email address is listed below. Please use this email address and not the one listed on my own Website. I set up the email address listed below solely for the chapter members and for the particular program I use for setting up member's account information for the members only section. This is the same program I use to email you your login information or reminder letters. Also note that that both usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. This means that if you see uppercase or lowercase letters in your username or password, or if you choose a new username and password that contains uppercase or lowercase letters, they must be typed in the login box accordingly. Same goes for special characters such as #, $, @, !, and so on.

Email Addresses

I have received a lot of undeliverable emails when trying to email members. This could be because of a couple different reasons. Either the email address I have for you is no longer current or your email program is blocking my emails because the program you are using for emails has a security setting that looks at my incoming emails as spam. The best way to fix this problem is to add my name and email address to your contacts so that you can receive emails from me. This way, you won't miss out on important information pertaining to your membership, such as reminders of upcoming renewal dates, and so on.

Your ability to log into the members only section is not only based on typing in the correct username and password, it is also based on your membership expiration date. Those of you who have not yet renewed your membership for this year will not be able to log in because your expiration date will be listed as 12/31/2010. Those of you who have renewed can log in and when the end of the year comes around, I will send out membership renewal reminder emails. I cannot do this if I don't have a current email address for you or if you don't add me as a contact.

I am also missing email addresses for many members or the emails I have are not current. Please update this information with me and our Treasurer, Gail Komar at You can do this by sending an email to both of us at the same time. I will be placing a chapter membership list on the site soon. This list will include member names, email addresses we have listed for each member (if we have one), and membership expiration dates for each member. This is to help you! You will be able to see when your membership expires, and you can see what email address we have for you and you can update it with us if what we have is wrong. If you don't see an email address listed for you and you have one, you will know we don't have it and you can send it to us.

Problems with the Website and Information Found on this Website

Please direct website problems to me ONLY! The chapter officers cannot fix any website problems you may be experiencing. Only I can if it is possible to fix. Some of you might end up finding that it is your computer that is having the problems and not the website. Together, we can try to figure it out. Those of you who have other concerns with chapter memberships pertaining to payments, and so forth, should contact the chapter directly. The contact information for the chapter is located in the header of every page and on the contact page. I can only help you with login problems and various problems concerning the site.

Another thing I want to stress is that I am NOT responsible for information located on this site. I have received feedback emails from some who would like to see particular surname information on the site, among other things. The surname information that is found on this site, is that which has been sent to the chapter by those who have completed the research for those particular surnames and have asked us to place that information on the site. If you have family information that you have researched and would like to see listed on this site, please forward it to the chapter directly. The chapter will then forward it to me and I will place it on the site. I am in NO WAY the author of the information found on this site. I am only the designer of the site and I maintain it by adding information that is sent to me by the chapter. Therefore, you must send any information you have, and would like to see on the site, to the chapter directly. I cannot place information on this site without the approval of the chapter! While YOU are the author of YOUR research, it must be sent to me by the chapter to be placed on this site. So, please send your information and requests to the chapter.

Research Help and Locating Information on this Website

Those of you needing help with you research can request help from the chapter for a small fee through our "Research Query" form. All publications, chapter memorabilia clothing, etc., and research queries that are for sale or require a fee can be found by clicking on the "Products & Services" link, which is listed in the right-hand colum of every page under "INFORMATION".

Another thing to keep in mind, is that this site is made up of over 5000 files. Therefore, I have placed a "Google Search" box on this site, which is located at the bottom of every page. If you are looking for a particular surname or keyword, just type it into the search box and a page will appear with a list of links, to this site only, which contain that particular name or word IF it is on this site. The search box ONLY searches this site.

Viewing Downloadable Files Located on this Website

You will find many different file formats on this site which require a particular program to be able to view them. For example, most people have the free Acrobat Reader installed on their computers which enables them to view pdf files. For those of you who are trying to view and Excel Spreadsheets, or Word and PowerPoint files and cannot do so because you don't have Microsoft Office installed on your computers, can still do so by downloading the free viewers for these particular files. The links to these free viewers are located on every page of the site in the left-hand column under "HELPFUL LINKS". If by chance you do have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer and still cannot view pdf files, please try visiting the Adobe site by clicking here for the free "Acrobat Reader", to make sure you have the newest version installed. Sometimes you will find that the reason you couldn't view the pdf files, is because you needed the newest version and had an older one installed. Acrobat Reader is not only installed on your computer, it is installed as an extention to your Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, to enable you to view pdf files straight from the Internet in your browser window.

If you are running a Windows computer and have windows updates set for automatic updates, then programs included in Windows, such as Internet Explorer will be updated accordingly. Windows updates is mainly for updating Windows and its components such as Internet Explorer. If Internet Explorer ias updated and you are running an older version of Acrobat Reader, then this could be why you are not able to view pdf files. This example should explain why visiting the Adobe website for Acrobat Reader to make sure you have the newest version installed makes sense if you cannot view the pdf files. If you do have the newest version installed and still encounter problems, try re-installing it.

Since Microsoft is the developer of Microsoft Office, Windows, and Internet Explorer; those of you who are using a MAC computer may have to search the Microsoft site to see if these free viewers are available for a MAC computer. I will research this as well, as soon as I get a free minute.


I realize this is a long letter and I am sorry for that. However, I wanted to make these things clear to you so that you know what to do if you encounter problems. My email address is listed in my signature below. Please email me any changes you would like to make to your login information for the members only section and updated email addresses. Please email the chapter directly at with email address updates. The chapter cannot update your username and password. Only I can! So please email me those requests directly. Also, please don't forget to add my name and email address listed below to your email contacts so that you don't miss out on any membership information that pertains to the members only section. And, keep in mind that I am the only one who can help you with your login problems concerning the members only section. So, email me directly about these problems. I hope you find this letter helpful.


Amy Hissom, Website Developer
Jefferson County Chapter, OGS