Wells Township  was created in 1823 from Warren Township, which was one of the first five original townships formed in Jefferson County. It has 23 full sections and five fractional sections. Pioneers could be found hunting throughout the area.  This territory was known to be populated with Indians and was considered Indian Territory, which included Mingo Village (now Mingo Jct.).  It was an enchanted land full of sugar maples, elms, cherry, hickory, wild grapes, rye, wild vegetation and various berries.  Some of the early pioneers were: Nation, Tarr, Dean, Barrett, Hyndman/Hindman, Matthews, Everson, Hook, Bucy/Bucey, Riddle, Scamehorn, Taylor, Spriggs, Doddridge, Jackson, Dawson, Parsons, Wheeler, Rose, Jacks, Linton, Everson, Roe, and Riley.