William Adam Welsh

Born: 29 Sep 1830 in Washington Co, PA
Died: 27 Mar 1892 in Warrenton, Jefferson Co, OH
Buried: 29 Mar 1892 in Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Jefferson Co, OH

William Welsh was drafted as a Private into Company I, 66th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers, commanded by Capt. Baldwin at Alliance, Ohio on September 23, 1864 and mustered out on June 5, 1865 at Bladensburg, Maryland. He was described as five feet, four and a half inches tall, fair complexion, with sandy hair, and brown eyes. He served at Bentonville, North Carolina in March of 1865. [From Application for Widow's Pension (WC369561) of Sarah Ann Welsh under the Act of June 27, 1890 (Granted), and an application for Soldier's Disability Pension (No 582238) which was pending at the time of his death].

Robert Richardson's book, A Time and Place In Ohio, pg 66: William A. Welsh owned a general store in Warrenton in 1871 selling dry goods, groceries, and clothing, and in a separate building he had a shoe shop.
From the Steubenville Weekly Gazette, 1 Apr 1892, p. 12: Warrenton: The funeral of Wm. Welch was largely attended on Tuesday; his son George and Mr. Pierce of Little Washington were present. Rev. Hoover conducted the service at the house and the Odd Fellows then took charge.

Civil War Veteran
Buried in Warrenton, Warren Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

A veteran of the Civil Warwho is buried in Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Jefferson Co. Ohio, William Adam Welsh.

His obituary appeared inthe Steubenville Weekly Gazette, 1 Apr 1892, p. 12: Warrenton: The funeral of Wm Welch was largely attended on Tuesday; his son George and Mr. Pierce of Little Washington were present. Rev. Hoover conducted the service at the house and the Odd Fellows then took charge.
His death record is on file in Steubenville - Cause of Death: Tumor; Death Record # 2-210-274, Jefferson Co., OH
He was buried in the Warrenton Cemetery and is listed in Robert Richardson's A Time and Place in Ohio in the Warrenton Cemetery listing, pg 241.
Civil War historywill follow...

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Early Deaths in Warrenton, Jefferson County, Ohio

William Adam Welsh was a storekeeper and shoemaker in the town of Warrenton, Jefferson County, Ohio in the late 1800's, and he kept a journal in which he recorded deaths in the local community sporadically over the span 1875-1892. Given the time period, this may well be the only existing record of some of these deaths. The current whereabouts of this journal is unknown. However, Ella Boothe Welsh, as a girl of sixteen, received a Family Record Book from her father, the same William Adam Welsh, on Christmas Day, 1887, and after his death in 1892 she made the following entry in her book:

Father died at 10:45 PM on Sabbath March 27, 1892 he was conscious until the last and died with hope of eternal life. Was buried Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock Mar 29, 1892. The following is taken from his Journal:
Minnie Spencer Mch 27, 1885
Mrs. W. Brown Dec 28, 1885 [poss Sarah, b. 1824]
Aunt Nancy Pope May 28, 1886 [sister of Ella's mother]
Albert Keith May 14, 1886
Benson Higgans July 28, 1886
Erasmus Becket Sep 19, 1886
Thomas Chamberlain Sn. June 1, 1887
Mrs Sanders July 9, 1887
Wm Ashby's son July 12, 1887
Mrs. Free Bebout July 23, 1887
Miss Trissy Higgans Dec 10, 1887
Mother Higgans Dec 18, 1887
John Niel Sn. Dec 28, 1887
Eli Cusick Sn. Jan 1, 1888
Jefferson Stringer Jan 3, 1888
Clara Jackson Jan 7, 1888
Bessie Jackson Jan 9, 1888 Twins died of dipt[h]eria
Jessie Jackson Jan 11, 1888
Mrs. J. C. McCleary Feb 10,1888
Mrs. Ellen Hodgens May 9, 1888
Jacob Welch Oct 25, 1883 [b. 1805,mar. Charlotte Humphrey]
Frank Barr Feb 25, 1889 [husband of Ella's sister, Mary]
Kirkwood Large Apr 16, 1889
Wm Schamehon Apr 22, 1889
Josiah Skeggs Apr 22, 1889
Eva A. Welsh Dec 6, 1875 [dau, age 12, of William A. Welsh]
Wm Stout 1875 [poss Ella's cousin, Wm S. Stout, son of John]
Taylor Bane 1875
Mrs. John Rouse 1875
Poll Chamberlain 1875
Daniel Higgans Mch 10, 1876
Lee Chamberlain's child Apr 21, 1876
Peren McGrew Apr 21, 1876
Lyda Chamberlain May 23, 1876
Wm Marshall June 1, 1876
Mrs. Wm Marshall July 29, 1876
Seely Collins Dec 14, 1876 [poss Delia Collins 1849-1876]
Mrs. L. McCormick Nov 27, 1876
Wimer Higgans Sep 6, 1879
Chris Brandfass June 3, 1889
C. D. Kaminsky Aug 1, 1889
Jacob Creamer Aug 11, 1889
Charley Pope Feb 8, 1890
Mrs. Bigger June 12, 1890 [Esther Bigger, w/o Samuel S.]
Senna Vervohlt July 13, 1890
Alexander Hodgins Aug 2, 1890
Ervard Lisby Aug 2, 1890
Dad Gardner Sep 6, 1890
Uncle J. Stout Sep 20, 1890 [brother of Ella's mother, Sarah]
Wm Ashly Nov 20, 1890
James Irwin Jan 12, 1891
Mrs. Henry Oliver April 9, 1891
Alex Mossgrove May 28, 1891 [marr Jane Eliza]
Mrs Elizabeth Chamberlain July 20, 1891
Aunt Rachel Miller Aug 6, 1891 1 oclock AM [sister of Ella's mother]
John Medill Aug 14, 1891
N. S. Gillespie 1892
Joe McKee 1892
Mr. Lisby 1892

[Added later:]
Robert John Prickman, Manton Mich Jan 16, 1898 [Ella's Father-in-law]

Sara Ann Welsh, Died at Warrenton, O. June 14, 1906 about 10:15, dropped dead among her flowers. [Ella's Mother and widow of William Adam Welsh]


Comments entered in brackets [] have been added by myself to add clarification; information for those comments comes from family records and from A Time and Place in Ohio by Robert H. Richardson, 1983; Exposition Press.

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Published in the Summer 1999 issue of The Report of the Ohio Genealogical Society.