Warren Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

This cemetery is in Yorkville, Warren Township, located near the entrance of Paradise Hills Golf Course and close to the Upland Cemetery.

NoteHenry West and Jane McGeary West are both buried in the old West Cemetery, on the Pyle Farm, near Upland Heights, Yorkville, Ohio. The markers are in good shape. The West’s are of Scotch-Irish descent and came from Ireland. The Beers Atlas of 1871 shows the land {property}… then owned by John Pyle, now owned by Hunter.

From the site of this house, a winding lane can still be identified, leading to the Old West Cemetery – a small plot on the high hill a half or three-quarter mile distant, now largely abandoned, overgrown, and uncared for. This is near the original homes of Col. Thomas McCune, Capt. Joseph McCune, and James West, in Section 28. This raises the question of where James West and his wife were buried. Several of the above locations were in existence at the time of James West’s death, January 8, 1806.


Sterling, Mary Jones
b. Oct. 9, 1828 d. Sep. 1, 1913