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Resources that are, and will be, available in this section include:

  • Naturalizations
  • Coroner's Reports
  • Probate Packets
  • Chapter Newsletters
  • Common Pleas Journals

Just to name a few!

To make it easier for our members, we have added a form to the new site for updating member contact information. Members are encouraged to take advantage of this form. Especially for updating email addresses.

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Many/most of the items on the current website will remain free on the new Website. HOWEVER, the benefit of being a member is having access to all the additional resources we will have available in the "Members Only" section. Not yet a member? Become one by submitting a Chapter Membership Application along with paying your membership fee through PayPal, which can be done on the application page. The choice of becoming a lifetime member is also available to those who make a donation of $500 or more.

We encourage our members and visitors to take advantage of the new feedback form to easily send the chapter comments, suggestions, ideas, links to personal family sites, and links to other good genealogy resources. We want to hear what you have to say!