{The History of Wintersville, Ohio Community Days, printed in 1972} Graduating Classes – Lower Room Teacher: Miss Sue Scott. Upper Room Teacher: Mr. J.H. George. Photo below was taken in 1908.

(Lower Room graduating class)

Pictured above: Josephine Mansfield, Marion and Alan White, Emerson Stark, Mary and Harold George, Wm. Floyd, Wilma and Six Thompson, Willard Ekey, Edith Shafer, Margaret and Harry Grimes, Charley Clarence, Bill and Donald Duval, John and Frank Dougherty.

Standing: Eleanor Floyd, Hester White, Stella Huscroft, Mary Lloyd, Helen Dance, May Scott, Dorothy Woltjen, Ida Smith, Effa Ekey, Winner Eft, Stella George, Myrtle Wykoff, Catherine Huscroft, Avis Lowry, Lela Bradford. Sitting: Stanton Long, Howard Bowers, Elma England, Jane Dance, Ralph Bowers, Walton Amicon.

Teacher in 1913 - downstairs was Miss Joe Day
Teacher in 1915 - upstairs was Mr. Paul Long

EARLY SCHOOLS – The school, like the church, made a very early start even before the formal plotting of the town. Stark School and Bantam Ridge which two schools are not a definite part of our school system were established early with Stark in 1804 and Bantam Ridge in 1806. The original Wintersville School was located on a piece of property at the end of Powell’s Lane, “deeded forever for school purposes.” There were at least three different school buildings on this site. The first of which my records mentioned was a small one-room log cabin, to which pupils walked or rode horseback. In some cases 4 miles. The next building was a one-room frame school. This building when sold was moved on rollers from that site up Route 43 and then Route 22 to the lower end of Wintersville to form the principle part of Mrs. Bickerstaff’s house. On the day of this event people gathered in from all around the country to see this feat performed – the school house moving along the highway – on rollers. When this building was moved from Powell’s Lane site, a new, larger, two- room frame building was built there and school held there until 1902 when the large two-story frame building was built on Fernwood Road, in Wintersville where our present brick elementary building now stands. The last two – room building at Powell’s Lane and the new two – story building on Fernwood Road both included two and three-year High School courses from which several people living in the village were graduated. The High School Commencements were held in the upper auditorium of the Methodist Church.